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My First Reverse Flow Build - 125-Gallon Propane Tank (Plenty of Pics) - Page 6

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looks good

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That is a pretty sweet build.  I have been doing some planning and material hunting.  I want to build something very similar, so I appreciate the updates.

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Thank you Mike, I can answer any questions you may have. I didn't want to follow any standard as I wanted a difference between my smoker and everyone else's. The 2" X 6" rectangular tubing did cost me big time, but I have never seen a stack like it, so of course I had to have it...


Make no mistake about it though, I have a list of changes/additions from others that I will immediately put in place to solve any issues I might have along the way, so I too, appreciate all comments and observations. 


After discussing the issue with my Maverick lying to me like a dog, I learned that my probes have been soaked to remove that 'smokey residue'. And I never even questioned why they looked so purty and shiney...  I got new probes on the way...


I will know MUCH, MUCH more as soon as my better half gets back from town with the analog temp indicators.


I am not gonna deal with the cook chamber door leak until next week. I want to run at least one more heat cycle. I will keep everyone up to date.

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Bluffton, morning....   The 2x6 rectangular tube you used for the exhaust...  If it has 1/8" wall, your stack has 10 sq in area.... that may reduce the exhaust capability enough that the smoker can't breath properly...that is a reduction of 20% from your 12.5 sq in. original exhaust measurements... Also the surface area on the stacks... 4" round - 12.6"...  5.75 + 1.75 x 2 = 15"....  that surface increase adds friction loss in the stack...  Just something I noticed.....  Dave

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Just remember, if it dont work perfect, you can always build another...


Look at me, fixing to start #17

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Good Morning Dave...

You are correct on the math. My stack is a bit taller @ 34" above the cook chamber and 11" inside the cook chamber. My numbers are rounded off as my tank is not 24" inside diameter, it is only 23.25", I figured it's close enough. I just mis-spoke when I quoted the outside dimensions of the stack. I do understand about friction loss as well. It does seem to draft very well so far. If during my burns it doesn't perform well, I will not hesitate to cut it out and adjust.


Today will be my second burn and the biscuit test is gonna tell me what I need to know...


I will keep all up to date...

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Rib Man --> You are right about starting another. BUT this dude is gonna cook OR I'm gonna beat this dead horse 'til it gets up and goes. Remember the rebel thing? Can't have my first build end in failure or mediocrity, Can I?

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No, but remember the Six million dollar man, ........ We have the capability to make it better than it was before............. Better...stronger...faster

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You just aged yourself...  The burn looks pretty good. It's still running. I let it run up to just over 300-degrees on the firebox side and then started closing the air off and seeing how well it evens out. So far I'm about 35-degrees apart side-to-side. Gonna throw the biscuits on soon.

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Looks and sounds good.

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Im not too old yet.  Just put mine on Craigs list , if I get a good price, next one should be a dandy!

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Okay, the 2nd burn is in the books. Way better results this round. Yesterday had me worried.


I loaded up basket with 12# of Kingsford Blue and 4# in the chimney. With doors closed and vent wide open, the smoker came up to 335-degrees on the hot (fire) side & 290 on the cool side in less than 30 minutes.







I ran it there for an hour or so and the temps settled out @ 30-degrees apart. I choked the dampener down and pulled the temp down to 270  & 240 respectively and ran it there for another hour or so. I then pulled it down even further to 250 & 225 and threw the biscuits on...



I left everything as is for 30 minutes and the temps held rock solid.

Here is my results...



I moved the two left ones as the sun was washing out the pics. BUT I am very pleased with the real world results. The ones on the hot side were done to perfection and the cool side were just a tad underdone. I don't think I can get 'em any closer than that. I'm gonna swap the temp gauges around and run it again tomorrow (Just gun shy from yesterday). I think I'll throw 4-5 birds on. And I'm gonna forget about the digital crap (toys) and stay with the analog temp gauge stuff...



  1. The coals burned down uneven as it was predicted by those in the know. I didn't mess with the coals after I dumped the chimney in as this would have invalidated my test run. BUT I can tend the coals every 2 hours or so and make this a non-issue. As long as I can make my initial 3 hour smoke and go to foil before I need to stoke the fire. Once foiled I don't care about the bitter smoke of fresh fuel thrown in. I'm just looking for heat. Then make my final smoke later. I'm good to go.
  2. My firebox and dampner handles got warmer than is comfortable. To the point gloves would have been nice. (Easy Fix - Very Short List)
  3. I still have the leak in the bottom center of my Cook Chamber door. To be addressed next week.
  4. Need shelves and storage rack below between legs.
  5. No feet or legs on this rig as it will probably make a good candidate to go on the trailer.


Recap:  I ran for over 3 hours, very hot (over 300) for better than 1/2 of the time and I still had plenty of heat left over. I abandoned the test as I got busy yet again.


Success? I'd say so.  


Whoo Hoo!!!!

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Originally Posted by Ribwizzard View Post

Im not too old yet.  Just put mine on Craigs list , if I get a good price, next one should be a dandy!

It should sell pretty quick... 


I'm ready to see the next build..  I'm gonna tear my old 20 year old 16" offset smoker apart and RF it. It is built of 3/16" stuff, so it should hold heat good.


btw. thanks for the advice along the way...


Good luck old man..

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Bluffton , afternoon.... Well, success is hard to beat... congrats on the great job... thumb1%20copy.gif ....

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And a great BIG Thank You goes out to you, my friend. I really appreciate you watching over me and providing input as needed. You are what a forum is about. Knowledge Shared!!!


I couldn't be much happier with the results of the biscuit test today. Tomorrow will bring us yard bird. Then it's on to shelves, scoops, hooks and do-dads, paint and what nots. 


The next build (my wonderful bride says "NEXT BUILD??? Are you serious???") is the old 20 year old horizontal offset smoker I have made mention of. Gonna chop it in half and RF it. It is a 'good enough' smoker, but could be a great little smoker. I realized, with my burn in today, just how inefficient it actually is. As RibMan said 'We can make it Better, Stronger, Faster".

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Well the burn with chicken didn't go so well. I don't know if the weather turning did it or what. The 16# of Kingsford Blue barely lasted 2 hours @ 250-275-degrees. Which is a drastic change from yesterday's burn and biscuit test. My chicken chef showed up with three different rubs, so we had 3 different chickens to taste test. I ended up finishing the chicken the last hour or so in the oven. I'm going to address a couple of issues and try another burn in a few days... Which will be my specialty, BRISKET!!! NO Q-View today as everyone showed up and it is time to enjoy the company. I'll update all as things happen next week... 

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you gonna paint that thing????/

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Yep, the paint on the firebox is slowly burning off. Gonna brush it down & Ospho it a couple of times and rattle can it with high heat paint. No hurry as I got a bit more to do before it will be ready for paint. I gotta build an extension cord for the welder, cause I ain't gonna load that thing back up and move it back to the welder. Tomorrow we are headed out to cut a small load of mesquite and oak to see how this thing runs on sticks before I decide it's future.

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Did you try it with wood yet?

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No wood burning yet. Tuesday we cut seasoned mesquite. (And dispatched rattle snakes! They were everywhere.) I plan to get the wood cut down to size, split and stacked today. I believe we are in for a little rain the next few days. (Woo Hoo) I want to get the cook chamber door sealed up as well before I fire up again. So it will be next week before I make smoke. Other chores are bubbling up around me... BUT I will post pics and results as they unfold. Please stay tuned.

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