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Smoking Pork Spare ribs

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I am going to be smoking 2 racks of spare ribs this weekend.  I havent done a ton of ribs yet but I have done a few.  Each time they turn out dry in my opinion.  Ive tried using a mop during the smoking process and it only seemed to dilute the rub.  I also noticed that my temp gauge on my smoker was causing me to smoke at a higher than desired temp.  I am now using a probe style digital meat thermometer and hope to maintain 225 degrees.  I also am going to try 3 hours of smoke, 2 hours wrapped in foil, and 1 hour back in the smoker.  I think I am going to be trying pecan wood for the first time also, not 100 percent sure on that one though.  Any suggestions, tips, things to look out for, maybe a few ideas or changes I should make, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks

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Sounds like a good game shouldn't be disappointed. Just watch your chamber temp using a reliable thermometer.

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I'd say you have things figured out. The 3-2-1 always works for me and now that you know you are running at the correct temps you should be good to go. If your probes are off and you are running higher or lower than you think you are your going to have issues. Good luck. Take some pictures.

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Ditto, sounds like a plan.

Don't worry about a mop, you don't need it. Don't sweat the wood either, you'll be fine

225-240° is what I use on my stickburner as well as my GOSM

I have found a modified 3-2-1 works best for my spares trimmed St. Louis style

I shave 15-20 minutes off of each the of the  3-2-1 for a total cook time of 5 hours or so.


Good luck and keep us posted!

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I Havent done any ribs on my smoker yet, Its kinda little, But I do hot smoke them on the grill, I rinse em, pull the membrane off the back and dry rub them, fridge for a couple hours, then about 4.5 hours indirect on my grill with apple and hickory. They always turn out juicy and tender. I'm going to give them a go on my lil smoker someday. Good luck, Sound like you have a good plan so far.

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