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My first beer can turkey.

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Hello everyone!  I am new here and I already introduced myself in Roll Call so take it easy on me biggrin.gif  Tomorrow 8-11-12 I am going to try a turkey.  It is already brining and I plan on using a dry rub and injecting the turkey as well.


So does anyone have any tips I should follow to make this a great tasting bird?




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Pictures. Lots of pictures. The more pictures, the better. Everyone here likes pictures. Especially me! But as far as suggestions for the turkey, I will have to defer to some of the folks that have been around a while. I have never attempted a whole turkey. But it sure sounds good!

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I think you're gonna need a bigger uh  I mean beer can.  :)  I've only done turkeys laying down so have no experience with a beer can turkey standing up.

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Well I put the bird on at 8 this morning it is now 11am.  The internal temp is now 158 and I have been smoking at around 270F.  This bird is going to be done before the family gets here lol  Its a 14lb bird.

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If the bird gets done early - pull it a few degrees before the final temp you are shooting for. Wrap it in foil then in towels and into a cooler - Keep a temp probe in it to monitor the temp. You do not want the temp to drop below 140 but the towels and the cooler should keep it well above that for you for several hours. The key is to make sure the cooler is completely full filling all the voids so you dont have heat loss


Good luck and don't forget the qview

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Hello everyone thanks for all the advice.  The turkey turned out amazing.  I only took a picture of what the bird looked like when I took it out.  Next time I smoke something I will post pics.  There was just a lot going on with all the family and friends at the house.


Also, I put the turkey in a foil pan while it was smoking.  I used all the drippings and made gravy.  Gravy does taste a bit different being smoked but it still seemed to be a big hit.  Until nextime over and out!



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Sounds great! Where's the one photo you did take?

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The outside looks a little burnt but the inside was so juicy.  Literally when I sliced open a breast the juices came pouring out.

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I wanna see the size beer can you used!  :)

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Originally Posted by Bama BBQ View Post

I wanna see the size beer can you used!  :)

  Beer Butt Turkey, don't have a stand?... Works Great!...JJ

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I was thinking a Fosters would have been better than the Labbats I used.  I also have a stand that the can sits into.  This was able to help support the bird.  Next time I am using a larger can :)

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Fosters works for sure. this bird is 19 lbs




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