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Hello? Is this thing on?

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Hey fellow Buckeyes!


Anybody still follow this?  Was wondering if we should go through the roll call and invite some of the new folks to join us.

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Certainly, the more the merrier!

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Checking in from Medina, OH.  Just smoked some Brisket on my new Lang 48 last weekend.


I'm looking forward to many more cooks on my Lang.

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Hello from Columbus.  I grew up in Parma and moved to Columbus area 20 years ago.  I just joined this site a week or so back and just found this forum/group.  I am really impressed with all the friendly advice and great information on this site.  I decided to build my own RFS and found so much information here.  Glad to see Ohio represented.   

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Greetings RadioGuy!  Hope your build is going/went well.  I agree that it is good to have our hard Midwest work ethic represented in this group of friendly folks.


Sidewinder, I don't know how I missed your post, but the brisket looks great!  I actually am a former Medinian myself (graduated from MHS in '94).  Good to see the town represented!

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Piaconis, I was class of 97' at Strongsville. We may have crossed paths. My wife, son and I love Medina. Great sense of community!

RadioGuy, my business is based in Parma. Small world!
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yes its on,but i just found on the east side of cincy. yesterday, super bowl sunday,smoked turkey friesand ribs.fries were better fried than smokedth_Slab_of_meat.gif

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