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Anybody have iGrill? I'm thinking about getting one to try. Reviews of the Maverick 732 have me concerned and I'm thinking now I don't want one.
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I know shhaker recently bought one. Hopefully he will come around and post up a review if he hasn't already.


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I love the iGrill. It can be a little finicky to connect, but it's a great addition to the whole kitchen. I'm a new member here, and my thread is on hold, but just tonight I posted some iGrill data charts with a brisket smoke I did today. Will link once the post is released from moderator purgatory!!
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i got one a month or so ago. i like it alot. i have a oregon scientific and a redi check. it blows both of them out of the water....i wouldnt recommend if you dont have a iphone. i talked to their customer service and they are supposed to be doing a droid app but its not out yet. the cords are long and it seems to be a good quality product i would recommend it.

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I don't own any Apple devices...Anybody know if it will talk to a laptop PC?...JJ

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

I don't own any Apple devices...Anybody know if it will talk to a laptop PC?...JJ

I don't know for sure, Chef, but it appears to work only with the app that runs on iOS meaning that it will work on a iPad or an iPhone - but not both simultaneously because it uses Bluetooth and that means pairing with only one device at a time. I don't own an iGrill but I'm beginning to think that I might get it instead of the Thermapen I've been planning to get myself for my birthday. I'll ask Santa for the Thermapen.
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Go to igrill web site and give em a call they will know if it works with your laptop I don't think it will because it hooks up thru bluetooth.
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