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I am looking for a bowl, hook, cookie paddle and whip for an old Reynolds 22pt 4 speed mixer. At least that is the information I was given for it. I was given a serial number of C94611422(or412 for the last 3 digits) I have called the phone numbers that were already given above with no luck. Can anyone give me any more information on the unit and where I might find these parts? Thanks so much!

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I have a Reynolds mixer, think it is a 12 qt.

had to adapt a stainless bowl and has slight oil leak,

would consider selling for $250 (you pick up or pay shipping, 93442)

needs mixing paddle




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Some time has gone bye since the last post to this thread, but I have a question if anyone knows about Reynolds Mixers.  I have a Reynolds 12 Qt mixer, Serial Number A78127.  Tag doesn't say anything about Reco mixer, however, it looks like one. Anyone know when this mixer was produced?


Thank you for any assistance you can offer in this search!



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Forgot to add photos of the Reynolds 12 QT mixer in my previous post. Newbie mistake!

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Sorry! The tag does say Reco near the bottom! Need the paddle and whip if anyone knows where one might be.

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I have TWO Reco/Reynolds (Later Middlby-Marshall) Mixers one is a table top 22  with all NEW attachments HOOK-PADDLE-WHIP & Spare Bowl and other is a 40 Quart Floor model with NEW PADDLE-HOOK ; both have bowls; both totally operational, BOTH Have Timers which shut the machine off after time is UP or Mixer can be run manual with no issues, quiet and smooth, 120V single phase house-hold current. I had the 22 quart repainted to Firemist Red Epoxy Color. These machines were Lightly used and bought new by me an Exclusive cake Decorator (Retired) & Old World Bread maker.

Contact me at--  vannatta1@gmail.com  or  417-848-8296  or  417-848-3639

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I have a Brand New Set of attachments for a 22 Quart Chef 2 and they are Whip #11588,---Hook #15194,---Paddle #15480  I want to sell them as a set.


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I have a full set of those attachments brand new  1-417-848-8296   or 848-3639 7 ask Mary to have Mike call you or e-mail to   vannatta1@gmail.com

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I just found a Reynolds model 212 2 speed mixer, 12 quart, s/n C29665 at an estate tag sale. The former owner was involved in scouting so it's likely that it servved at one of the camps in later years. I'll be working on this one for a few years and am interested in any old pictures, parts, manuals, etc... Pictures to come soon.
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Hi I noticed these posts are older but I am looking for the beater paddle for a Reco/Renolds Mixer, 2 Speed, Model 222, 22qt. serial No. C91446-2......E-mail   coyone7377@att.net

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Very informative...looking for a flat beater paddle for a Reco/Reynolds 2 speed 22 qt. mixer...serial no. C91446-2.  Currently having a friend working on making a paddle for me but would like to find one if possible.  I'm a cake decorator and the mixer belongs to my church.  We are trying to start a free birthday cake program thru a local food pantry...really need a paddle...any suggestions?


Thank you,  Kim Coy

e-mail  coyone7377@att.net

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I just happened on to this thread and I hope I can ask a question about my Reynolds mixer.  It is a Model #244, and the serial number (I don't have it in front of me) is a funny mix of letters and numbers.


My unit works perfectly; I believe it is a 20 quart but I've not measured the bowl.  


I'm hoping I could still find a dough hook for it.  Would you have any perspective on that at all?

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chiwaka - you seem to be the source!

i have a reynolds electric 80qt mixer and need a paddle for it - any ideas?


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Try Jak's Restaurant Supply in Jesup & Independence, Iowa for paddles. They do a lot of selling on ebay. They had a 12 quart Reynolds for sale a while back so they know the brand. http://www.jaksrestaurantsupply.com/


Hope this helps!


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I have a Reynolds model 222 in working condition with bowl hook and beater I am interested in parting with it
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Thanks but already have the mixer and everything I need but the paddle:439:

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I know this post is old but I really hope you read this. I have recently became the owner of a Reynolds mixer. I will send a picture if by chance you get this message. Everyone was very helpful but I was excited to see that you had worked for the company. My mixer isn't as old as the one above but is the same color. I do have the bowl, and two attachments. It has the gear in front to grind with, although I don't have those attachments. As I stated I do have the bowl but it needs to be replaced. It has rusted and no matter what I do the rust keeps coming back. So my question is what if any brands will interchange? As far as mixing attachments I have the whip and the hook. I am really looking forward to your response. If your ever in the area (Lake Powell) look me up Lake Powell Galley, I will make you a pizza. Thanks Denise

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Instead of buying a new bowl, you might want to look into having the one you have now refinished:



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Originally Posted by chiwaka View Post

I saw your request for info on the Reynolds 22 qt. mixer.  Reynolds Electric was sold in 1985 to Middleby Marshall Co of Morton Grove, IL which I believe is now is Elgin, IL & manufactures the mixers under the Titan name.  I was Service Manager for Reynolds for 10 years in charge of repairs on all mixers until the company was sold.  I was the only woman to have the job.  I am now long retired.   I can tell you that the bowl you need is part #2904, 20 qt tinned steel bowl or #5963, stainless steel bowl, which I think may be the same bowl now used on the current 20 qt mixers.  I don't know if the current bowl holders are the same as the old 22 qt holders, but if you can find a bowl, you could have new holders welded on.  The serial number tells me that your mixer was manufactured in January 1955. (Next Jan it will be 58)  Try some restaurant supply houses,  They may have a bowl.  As far as the man who is looking for a gear, no such luck.  While Reynolds kept all the old parts, when Middleby bought them out, they took all the old parts, sold them to a service man who only a few months later passed away.  No idea what happened to the old parts, probably tossed out.  You will have to have someone make a new gear for you.  I hope this will help you to find a new bowl for your mixer. Now I know why I kept an album with info about the Reynolds mixers.  Good luck in finding a bowl. 

Maybe you can help m


e out! I would like to know if this can use a meat grinder attachment?

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I have one of the reynolds mixers. I am going to completely tear it down and check and replace any of the worn or damaged gears. If you let me know which gear I will check on it for you.


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