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hotpit, morning.... The smoker is looking good......  



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Hopefully this weekend will bring cooler weather and I can finish stack and build meat racks. Maybe even get trailer finished. It needs side panels and expanded metal in floor. Side panels are gonna be diamond plate aluminum. Hopefully it looks as good as my hopes are. sausage.gif
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If it don't you got some really high hopes because that it looking great man.

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got the meat racks/grates done, made into 2 for easy removal when cleaning

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The pit is looking good man!  Can't wait to see some TBS coming out of the stack.

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It looks great but is the firebox to close to your tires ?

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They do look a bit close to the firebox, but if all else fails and they are taking on some heat, just get some 1/4 plate and make some heat shields to block the heat from getting to the tires directly.  I think Lang uses these on a few of their models.  

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That's one sweet smoker. biggrin.gif keep the pictures comeing.
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I'm strongly considering insulating the fire box to both protect everything outside the fire box and to make a more efficient cooker!!!1   thanks for comments fellas!!

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I have some progress, but can't post pics with my phone. Will post as soon as I get to computer handles remade, stainless counter installed grilling_smilie.gif
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When I try to post pics, my iPhone asks for a URL. There is no URL as they are pics on my phone. devil.gif
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so since previous pics, ive split door into 2 small doors, but still one large opening to accomodate a full pig smoke if I so desire.  Ive also used a fairly inexpensive stainless steel shelf from a online restaurant store  (65$)   Also, with cutting door I now have to create 2 handles, and in doing this, I decided to use aluminum tubing and some acorn nuts to add some more bling!! 

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Billy, evening.... I like the 2 doors and the work ledge...  great job......   Dave

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Originally Posted by hotpit View Post




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Looks great , keep up the good work.


Haven't been to the Sooner State in a long time, raised in the Star and got kidnapped by the Wife to oihO.icon_eek.gif


let us know how it works , really good start.

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That is looking great, should be about ready for your first cook. Any plans for the meat on the maiden cook?

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Probably porkbutt or spares. That's what I'm best with
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okay guys i finally lit it up with a log lighter burner and propane bottle to test draw and how even temps are. if you look close in the pic it says 275, but i put an oven thermometer on cooking surface and was at the perfect 225* at any place i checked it, was gonna do a batch of canned biscuits in it just see how it browns, but propane tank is empty, so maybe tomorrow i get bottle filled, also got handles polished and wheels polished up, now to finish storage on trailer, lights, paint and this pig will be done!!!!


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couple updated pics of polishing work to the old salvage yard wheels, and aluminum handles, and also the diamond plate that im using on trailer


also notice the bullet shaped lug nuts?  those are from the hot rod shop...........











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