my pit trailer build

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by hotpit, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. this has been a slow-moving project since the heatwave has settled in, but will get back on it this winter.  I'm still using my first pit that i built several yrs back, so no real hurry on the cook trailer[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. nice!
  3. jrod62

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    looks good so far !!!

    keep the pictures coming [​IMG]
  4. frosty

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    Beautiful!  That's gonna be a great addition!
  5. here is the current pit that i work with, kinda small, but cooks really well, I only use wood(pecan mostly)[​IMG]
  6. raymo76

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    You have some skills
  7. michael ark

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    Nice pits.Thumbs Up
  8. well, i just used the calculator and figured out i had designed fire box too small!!!    wheewee, re-drew it and sent to cut man before it was too late    where to buy some 5" exhaust pipe for chimney stack???[​IMG]
  9. Nice build. I'm looking for some 5" or 6" myself. It's hard to find around here. Your new smoker should handle any thing you throw in it! It's nice to be able to work indoors.

    Keep the pictures coming.
  10. scarbelly

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    Looking great so far 
  11. bmudd14474

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    should be able to get some nice size exhaust stack from a big rig supply company

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  12. well, after using the calculator, ive found that original firebox was too small, so i re-drew it and sent out to buddy with the burn table, Wheeewee, glad i noticed before it was too late, original design was only 75 percent of minumum fire box size required,

    Ive also made up my mind on building it reverse flow, I found some pics online of a jambo firebox to cookbox and noticed that it actually brings heat in above the meat.    I thought about trying this, but i like the use of water in a reverse flow...............  any opinions on the jambo design???????  after all it is the winningest pit out there!!
  13. been real busy this summer with work, family vacation, and its just too darn hot to weld!!!!   BUT, I DID finally find some 5" truck exhaust pipe, I bought it at perfection truck equipt in ok city, and only cost 35$$

    probably gonna wait till fall to get back on the build, we are under severe drought and burn bann!!![​IMG]
  14. got some parts from buddy's burn table, fire box parts, and rf plate,,,,,,,,time to get to work!!

  15. worked on flue pipe tonight.....this took way too long, but this is what I wanted

  16. the long weekend allowed a lil time for working on the pit project, finished up fire box and cut in and mounted to smoke box, also fit and installed the RF plate with the drain coming out of bottom of cook chamber

  17. Looking good on both.
  18. more pics of inside RF plate

  19. boykjo

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    looks great...................[​IMG]
  20. set up flue pipe tonight and bulit the flue pipe box to mount pipe to.   (copied from jambos design)


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