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cold smokin bacon

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could you tell me how to get smoke at cold smoke temp of 100 dgs ? have a master elect smoker and my fire box will not start wood chips untill about 165 dgs . i know about curing and to use a pork side have made bacontwice first time way to salty solved that problem now it is to tough cooked at 170 dgs untill inter temp was 155 dgs . would like to cold smoke next time thanks dick

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Got the perfect answer right here :  AMNPS!   http://www.amazenproducts.com   Owner and inventor is Todd Johnson, a moderator on here!  The only heat it puts out is a little bit from the pellets or dust smoldering.... add from 0 - whatever temp you want for heat!  Check it out and Todd will certainly be around to answer any questions!

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Gotta jump in here too...THAT is a great product! And an excellent way to go
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Can't agree enough. AMNPS smoker is the perfect answer for me to cold smoke.

I've been double smoking my bacon. At least 6 hrs using AMNPS. Rest overnight, and

then conventional smoke to temp. Rest, vacuum pack, and freeze until needed.


Last batch was 32 lbs (3 bellies) in the fall.  Starting to run short so I started up a 12

pound belly earlier tonight. First time trying POPS liquid cure.  Eager to see how it turns out.



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