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Poker Night Pork Shots.....

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Another snack..... something different..... Thanks to solaryellow for the recipe....  


Precooked the bacon...  It shrinks and "tightens up" enough to make it easy to wrap... 350 for about 15 minutes.... works for me...


1 pre cook bacon.jpg


Prep the sausage and mix....  3/4 cup brown sugar, 3 tsp chipotle, 1 tsp garlic, 1 tsp onion, 1/2 tsp Tony C's Cajun spice....


2 Sausage and mixings.jpg


Wrapped and mix added to the "cups".....


3 ready for the smoker.jpg


2 1/2 hours in the smoker at 230 ish....   2 hours of "Pitmaster's Choice" pellets (Todd's blended mix) in the AMNPS.....

4 money.jpg


I really like the "not greasy", crispy texture, the combo of flavors from the bacon, sausage and mix, and especially the 

sweet pleasant smoke flavor from the mix of woods in the pellets...

Nice amount of heat from the chipotle and Tony's also...... 


they are different and worth giving a "shot".... pun intended....   Dave

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Looks awesome and on my to do list! Thanks

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Great job Dave - those are always a tasty treat

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Looks good !!!!
We love pork shots .
Sometimes we top them off with cheese drool.gif
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Ed, morning...  I'm putting cheese topped, bacon wrapped sausage on my to do list.... That sounds delish....    Dave

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The 15 minute precook is a great idea Dave. I will have to try that.

Your pork shots look great!
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Looks yummy

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Those look great!  Great idea cooking the bacon a bit to "tighten" it up!!!

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Thems look awesome there Dave.

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those look phenomenal!!! I am going to put this on my to do list!!

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Did these last week end for some friends who came over.  The wives kinda turned up their noses at the idea of sausage and bacon.  That is until they tried one and then I couldn't keep them away from the plate!


I like the idea of the pre-cook.  I'll try that next time.



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dont forget the chile pepper!

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Really clever they look great.

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Originally Posted by SmokinHusker View Post

Looks awesome and on my to do list! Thanks

X2 I haven't tried these yet but I will.

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Looks great Dave.................icon14.gif

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I love the Pre-cook idea. It was a PITA to wrap the thin raw bacon...JJ

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Yummy. it looks great .Dave i used to own  a racehorse named poker night . i hope your poker night was as good as my horse.biggrin.gif

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Pork shots are one of my favorites! Cheese sounds like a great addition!

Thanks for the tip on ore oolong the bacon, it is a pain to wrap when it's raw.
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I'm going to try making these tomorrow for the first time. Thanks for the tip, Dave!

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I've made the pork shots a few times now, and decided to try them again today when I saw the bacon pre-cook idea, GREAT idea! It made the bacon soooo much easier to work with and was just crispy enough when the shots were done. Great idea, thanks Dave!



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