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Oh. and it was sooooo good :)-

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Here ya go Ironhorse , my Jarlsburg Chunk ,


cheese and temp. cal. -5-16-12 003.JPG


cheese and temp. cal. -5-16-12 005.JPG


Out of 3 pieces , those who were worshiped on the 13th , got 2 of them icon_cry.gif. So I have this last one to savor , man it was good drool.gif. Now Trish will let me do more , says it's better than the Cheese Haven in Port Clinton , Oh. first.gif


Thanks for looking at my Cheese , have fun and...

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Looks great man - love smoked cheese 

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Better than the Cheesehaven! Oh my! (actually I believe you) I've never had Jarlsburg, what does it taste like?  And where did you buy it?

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Jarlsburg is yummy smoked!!!

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Jarlsburg is a milder type of Swiss , nice rind and cloth to peel off then smoke it ; got it at Sam's . I got lucky and they had a tasting that day and Trish liked it so we got some (I know , but I'm retired and have to ask permission).biggrin.gif


The AMNPS did a bang out job , here's a big thank you to Todd , now the family is wanting moredrool.gif.


Next time I'm begging for MORE Cheese to Smoke!!!

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Great job looks yummy i will have to get some from the bottom of my frigid.

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Oh my smoked cheese and it looks wonderful! Thanks for the reminder that I have to get some Jarlsberg!

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I smoked some Jarlsberg for Thanksgiving last fall and it was awesome!

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I have to smoke me some cheese

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Ours is ready to eat.


Time to get the Canadian Bacon out of the freezer for lunches and snacks!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Any and all cheese is good smoked in my opinion. Heck I have even smoked cream cheese............. I need to smoke some more cheese as I am all out. But right now I don't have the time, and when I will have the time I think the temps outside will be too high so I'll have to wait till it cools off.

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I did cream cheese too,I'd call that excellent.

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