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Good morning from Minnesota

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Hi, my name is Steve and I've been smoking for about 2 years (feels like I'm in a 12 steep program). I have been smoking lots of different things over and over during that time with decent results but every time I search for info on the web I learn so much more so Id still consider myself green. I started when my wife brought home a very low end brinkman water smoker from a garage sale which I don't think she regrets often but its hard to tell. Quickly figured out it need mods just to work properly. It is now insulated with cement board and resheetmetaled over that, it under went a propane conversion that eventually came off because of preference to wood, and sealed every seem there is other than the door. It produces good food and with the insulation I can use it year round even in MN but I found myself feeling limited fighting a very leaky door and light design. Just finished building my own yesterday, its from a 60's fridge, wood fired, very tight, controllable and so far from the testing I did during its seasoning last night completely even temp through out the cabinet which are some things I couldn't say about the old one. So I find myself up a 4:30am, the smoker has been going for about a hour, trimmed out at 212 now with a 10lb pork butt in for its madden voyage, cant nap until I know its going to hold so what else to do but go to one of my favorite reference websites. What, they have a forum?! Looking forward to talking with all of you and learning from your experiences.

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Well, have you posted pics of your smoker?  All the work you put into i'd like to see it.   If I haven't said it yet,  Welcome to the Forum!

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Hello Steve and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here

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Wow guys, Ive spent half my day just going between the smoker and reading this site.  Tons of info here.  Thanks for the welcome.  I have posted pics in a fridge smoker thread and it looks like their in my profile also.  At the risk of being to obnoxious with the pictures on my first day, I have just 2 more. The first is the finished pork butt on the smoker and Ill post that in the fridge thread and the other is a side by side of my old and new smoker.


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