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HELP me with my Chargrill Duo PLEASE

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Just received Chargrill Duo with fire box and I haven't a clue where to start so I'm seeking startup advice. I'm totally new at this but have high hopes of becoming the Grill Queen.  As far as conditionining the grill and getting that fire box secured what do you recommend I do first?  The fire box is attached but it just doesn't seem stable.  I am ready to roll please help me.

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Do you have a pic of the problem area. Here are some mods I did to mine.


And here is another one.

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Welcome to the SMF!


This is Roll Call where we are able to welcome you to the forum properly, and thank you so much for doing so first!


I would go to the Charcoal forum and repost there, I am sure there will be users there who can help!

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I didn't even realize we were in Roll Call. sorry.gif

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I didn't realize it either.  I'll repost.  Thanks for the advice. 

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Thanks Alelover.  I'll look these over

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Welcome GrillGirl welcome1.gif from another Marylander, Char-Grill duo owner and future Smoke/Grill Queen at my house.  I didn't get the SFB with my duo yet because I have ECB smoker that I do my smoking on right now.  I may get the SFB later.

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