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Good Sunday Smoke!

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My day started early firing up the smoker.


That's a ham a buddy at work asked me to smoke for him, a pork butt and a brisket.


Into the smoker they go.


The ham was precooked so it only stayed in long enough to add that Mmmmm Mmmmm goodness.

When the brisket hit 150 IT it went into the pan with beef broth and diced onion. Added pork loin steaks and a meatloaf.


Of course I had to make some bbq sauce. Sat it in on the top rack for a while at this stage to soak up some smoke.


The brisket hit 200 IT and came in the house to rest for a while.


Pork steaks anyone?


Time to trim out that brisket. Can you say "smoke ring"?


Juicy juicy juicy juicy juicy. . . . . JUICY!!!!


I just love burnt ends! It's like Cow Candy!!!


Yeah, the meatloaf got a good smoke ring too.

Thanks for looking when I'm cooking!

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Looks awesome! Don't ya just love burnt ends?

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Looks very good.  Good job. 

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Nothing like relaxing by the smoker enjoying a cocktail or twelve.

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Looks great but we had snow here Sat all day long, no chance of kids in pool here for a while, I like mr fire face on your smoker cool set up. Everything looks yummy

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Mouth watering, great Qviews.  points.gif

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