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Help from East texas

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Need recomendation on an assoication nearest to Texarkana Texas

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Dennis , first , welcome1.gif to the forum and as member of the "Texas Group" (as well as a couple of others here) on the SMFbiggrin.gif.


Try this to get started and if you are looking for a group in , East Texas , ask around from those on the Forum , I belive there are several that reside in the Longview / Texarkana area .


I'm a member because I'm a Native Texan and miss the luxury of living in Paradise ,  but we'll be coming down soon (maybe)and seeing all our friends and visit all the familiar sights.


 Have fun here and...

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Welcome to the board fellow Texan.

This is a great group of people who share a common interest.

I have learned much from reading the threads and sharing my smokes.

BTW--they are a brutal bunch if you fail to post photos of your latest smoke! hit.gif

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Originally Posted by dennis waters View Post

Need recomendation on an assoication nearest to Texarkana Texas


The IBCA (International BBQ Cookers Assosiation) covers most of Texas as you go a little south towards Houston you will run into the TGCBA (Texas Gulf Coast BBQ Assosiation)  You will also find the LSBS (Lone Star BBQ Society)  in your area I believe. 

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