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My First BBB Q-View

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going into the smoker after sitting in the brine for 8 days and then developing the rind over night ..
Bacon 002.JPG
after 2 hours of cold smoke

Bacon 004.JPG

after 6 hours of smoke we are done ..

Bacon 012.JPG
a little taste test ..

Bacon 015.JPG
approved by all 

Hope you all enjoyed


BTW I have noooo stinking clue on how to roll meat lol So I didn't even take much of a pic of the other one I TRIED to tie up and roll because the bone really tore up the meat..


Used half apple and half hickory pellets .. In my GOSM

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"approved by all" is always a good thing! Nice job!

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Nice Rita.

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Good Stuff!...JJ

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