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First 2012 Ribs: St. Louis Style

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It's been a while since I smoked ribs, and it was great weather for it yesterday so I got out the Horizon 16" and picked up some spare ribs.  Only when I unpacked them I realized they had been trimmed as St Louis style.  No problem, I cooked the rib tips separately and decided to make my first St. Louis ribs.




Two nice, meaty racks from the Original Steer Market here in Portland. 





I made up a fresh batch of Jeff's famous rubs and coated both sides:





Now, it's been a cold, wet winter here but I had buttoned down my smoker in the garage and it wintered pretty well. Here's the link to my detailed review of the Horizon 16":





Going with Royal Oak brand.  I had just enough cherry chunks left for today.





Got the fire up and going, notice the steady thin blue smoke:





Now, I ended up doing these 3 hours on the grill, 1.5 hours in foil, and then about an extra hour with a little sauce basting just to finish them off.  Went with Jeff's classic sauce.  Here they are resting:






Our guests made some fresh bread and coleslaw, and I made some of my pork brisket beans.  Basically they're baked beans with some chopped up smoked pork brisket I had in the freezer, recipe here:







Couple of close-up looks at the ribs. The bark was nice and caramelized.  






I think this is an end piece, pretty meaty for spares, but who's complaining?





Overall I was pleased with the outcome having not done this cut before.  That wraps it up, thanks for stopping by!

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Those ribs look extra yummy.. You nailed it.. Thanks for the pics..



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drool.gif Nice Job! They look great!

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They look perfect to me.  Well done

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Nice job!

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  Thanks for the nice Bear View!  I gotta get some ribs!



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nice looking Ribs.. great job drool.gif

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Nice ribs. Great job. I am always glad to see another member from Portland. Have joined the Oregon Group yet? 

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Great Job!

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Looks great icon14.gif
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Great looking ribs! Outstanding job!

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Ravanelli, How do you like your cooker? is that a Oklahoma Joe? I just seen one of those at Lowes, for around $449.00 . How well does it seal up ?

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What's Jeff's classic sauce? Is there a link to a post? I couldn't find it. Thanks!

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Well done! 

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nice looking smoker! grilling_smilie.gif
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