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Questions on building a smoke generator

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Anyone have a good plan for building a smoke generator for a fridge smoker?   I prefer to make one instead of buying a pre build mostly for the sake of doing it myself any tips would be appreciated


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I hope someone chips in with some actual experience but the forum is pretty slow today.  I guess everyone is at the NC gathering or at Jazz Fest.  All I can do for you in the mean time is suggest you type "smoke generator" in search.  I saw several options that might work for you.  If you find something you like we may be able to help you a bit more

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The AMNPS is just too cheap, easy, and foolproof for me to bother building one. Just my two cents.

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I have experimented with several smoke generator designs over the years. The only one that I am really satisfied is one I build that is loosely based on a design used in many pellet stoves and grills to auger chips or pellets from an outside hopper into the smoker.


It has a metal box on the outside of the smoker that houses a electric motor, timer, a hopper for wood pellets and an auger.

The auger moves the pellets into a chamber inside my smoker. The inner chamber has a heating element that keeps the pellets smoldering. The ashes fall into a box where they can be removed periodicly. The smoker is electric and has a separate heating element that actually does the heating.


I am in the process of making some drawings so I can post them on this forum. See the thread "Blanket Warmer Build" in "other builds"


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I have built many different smoke generators, I too recommend the A-Maze-N generators.
Here's a place to start:
Home Made Venturi Smoke Generators

The venturi type generators are notorious for excess creosote production unless set-up perfectly.

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sorry  processhead i didnt look but here is the link

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I built a replica of the smoke daddy and then bought the Amps and see now that I wasted my time making my own,.


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