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Shooter Rick's Attitude Brats - First Brats for Me

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I had a couple pork butts and scored a great deal on some ground veal so decided to try Shooter Rick's Attitude Brats! Definitely a keeper IMHO! Without the recipe and all the great info and details from all the sausage makers on the forum I wouldn't have even attempted them. 

Here's the link to his


Since I was on my own making these I don't have photos of the grinding or the stuffing. I've made several runs of snack sticks and summer sausage with collagen and fibrous casing but never used natural casings and was really anxious about them. Anyway, I had salt packed hog casings, rinsed the salt off with warm water, then into a bowl with warm water and vinegar for a soak. After that, I separated them and opened an end of one casing, held it under warm water to thoroughly rinse inside, see where any holes are and  open them up. Worked like a charm in making them easier to put on the 3/4" stuffing tube. 


Here's the ingredients

SRA Brats Ingredients.jpg


The meat seasoned and mixed. I didn't have time to stuff them yesterday so into the fridge for the night.

Brats seasoned mixture.jpg


Here they are all stuffed and linked (yep there's one that came untwisted, but I fixed that)

Linked Brats.jpg


I did do a taste test of a small patty before I stuffed them and it was outstanding-sorry no pic I was starving!

Put the links in the fridge to firm up before cutting but it apparently wasn't long enough since some came untwisted after

cutting them, but I'm still satisfied with the results and learned that they need to be refrigerated longer before cutting! The best 

part was not a single blowout!!!!


Here's one after simmering a bit and then onto the grill to finish up. I should have waited until my BF gets home tomorrow night and we could try them together but I was hungry! So we'll still have some when he gets home.


Simmered and Grilled.jpg



With a little Dijon mustard these were very good and texture with a nice "snap" from the casing. All in all I'm very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend them! They are as good as some from Wisconsin a friend brought back for us. 


Many, many thanks to Shooter Rick and all the other sausage makers for giving me the inspiration and confidence to try these and many more in the future.


Next up will be 5 lbs of Kielbasa using a recipe given to me by another forum member. 


Thanks for looking!

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  Nice job. They look great!




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Nice looking sausage! A little busy are we? What else you got going on? lol

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Thank you!

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They look great nice job thumb1.gif

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Originally Posted by JP61 View Post

Nice looking sausage! A little busy are we? What else you got going on? lol


I did 5 lbs kielbasa but haven't posted cause I haven't smoked it yet. I've got a 16 lb brisket and 8 lb pork butt in the smoker and tomorrow I'll add Three Bean Casserole and Chef Jimmy's Au Jus. Did a few pounds of snack sticks a couple days ago! My BF works out of town so I make things that he wants! 30.gif

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Great job on the brats! I have tried that recipe and they are good. Looking forward to your kielbasa.
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looks great to me

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Great job Alesia. They look exellent.icon14.gif

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The brats look great, it's going on my ever growing list of sausage recipes. Sounds like you are keeping busy making sausage and smoking stuff.

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