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I over posted in sausage but I got the error message contact us through feed back etc. Tried again same  deal,tried again  then it went through. I am a a bit low tech anywaybiggrin.gif

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As a previous forum master, these were one of the bains of my existence.  After many clean ups, I finally figured out that there were two main causes.


1. User not refreshing the page to confirm that their post made it.


2. Hosting provider.  - Since most sites are hosted on shared servers, when the hosting provider does work on the servers/master databases, they have re-sync everything.  User posts and the post is put into a database but in those few seconds the hosting provider moves everything to a replicated database missing the post.  This throws an error so the user winds up posting again, but that same time the provider has synced the databases,thus showing the double post. (Sorry for the long windedness, I tried not to make it to technical)


Though #2 is not an excuse for #1.

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I've been using, moding and admining forums for 20 years, so I do know how to post!

I clicked ONCE and once only to post a message and 4 duplicate messages appeared!
I then clicked refresh and 2 duplicate messages remained.
It's not the first time that something like that has happened here.

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It is a glitch that happens on the software side. Usually when they are pushing updates to the site. But other times people get the message that its being moderated and they thing posting it again will solve the issue.
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The two duplicate posts remain.........

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Well, I can say as a 5ish day new member, the issues with the "software" is not making me happy, and is most nearly about to make me say screw it, I will go somewhere else. I "think" I enjoy the feel of the forum, and the folks I have kinda talked with a bit thus far..but whatever the software glitches are, being a newbie.. sux.  I am a pc person myself (well, I was) so I can understand software glitches, but not a "bunch" of it, and for days.  i just tried to post my first reply since a post yesterday and imagine that ONCE AGAIN my post has to be APPROVED.. 


I generally try to get on the internet later in the night to "learn something", in peace, and to relax and maybe laugh for a sec.  Well heck, I can't even post a reply here.. Jeff or someone should be bitching about the software glitches because I think you will lose some decent ppl.  Just my pov. 

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After someone makes their 25th post anywhere on the forums...your posts will no longer be held Still learning. Keep posting----not reading.....and it will go by quickly.
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yeahthat.gif   Hang in there!  You are ALL BUT THERE!  thumb1.gif

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One easy way to get your posts up quick is to loiter on the homepage and watch the latest threads as they roll in. When you see something that interests you, hold down the "CTRL" button click on it. (You will see it open in a second tab up at the top of the page.) Do this multiple times for different threads until you have a small stack of threads to read.


Here's a sample shot. Notice the stacked tabs near the upper left part of the viewing window.



Now click on the first tab, read the content and look at the Q-view, then make a small comment like, "Hey that Pulled Pork looks good!", or "Nice job on those wings, that sausage doesn't look bad either." Click on Submit button and then close just that tab (don't "X" out of the whole window). Repeat for the remaining tabs and you will have 5 or 10 posts inside of 5 minutes. When all you have left is the original tab, remember to click "Refresh".

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Thanks Kurt!

Another easy way is to go to "Roll Call" and say Hi and Welcome to new members, you can get a lot of posts in just a few minutes and the sooner you get your post count up the sooner your posts won't be held.

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It seems we're getting some duplicate threads again. Be sure to check the new posts page and see if your thread appears before you post it again. If your post count is low, this may take a bit, so be patient. If you hit the submit button, it's a done deal.






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