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Hi all, I've had the 7-in-1 for about 5 years now and am extremely frustrated with it.  I desperately want to smoke something from start to finish with charcoal, yet I find that I just can't keep a charcoal fire lit or at the right temp.  It seems very odd that there is this gaping hole in the bottom of the smoker which completely denies you the ability to control how much air is getting to the fire. In the end, after starting a cook with charcoal, I quickly have to switch to propane to finish.


I've read other peoples reviews/posts and some are getting good if not great results with charcoal.  Am I just doing something wrong??? If not, are there any mods I can do that will solve this problem? My first thought is to take the firepan out of the bottom kettle and have the smoker sit ON TOP of it thereby closing that gaping hole...and then to jury rig some vents in the bottom to regulate the air flow.  I just don't know.


I have just recently bought a 22" Weber OTG and Smokenator to alleviate my Masterbuilt frustration, but in the end, I'd still like to get to the bottom of this problem :)  For peace of mind at the very least.


Any suggestions here would be GREATLY appreciated.


Many thanks!