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Hello from central Texas.

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This is a very informative site. Smoking is a basic skill that is fast becoming a lost art. I hope to hone my skill set of 1 to become an expert. I am currently trying to convert a stainless steel commercial freezer into a smoker,Thats how I found this site, Looking for basic instructions and techniques. Look forward to more informative and tested Info.

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Welcome to the SMF party.


Sounds like an ambitious project you've got there.  One thing we do like here on the forum is photos so please let us follow along with the build.



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Howdy, jdon350!


If you are gonna claim to be from central Texas you gotta tell us how far you are from the heart-shaped green on the golf course in Salado that was dubbed the official heart of Texas by those who sit at the North end of Congress.



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Welcome to SMF!

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Welcome from Southeast Texas!!  Glad to have you.

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Hello and welcome to SMF, Please check out the Texas members group when you have a moment.


Happy Smoking

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Hello JDon and welcome1.gifto SMF 


Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 

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A SS commercial fridge sound like an excellent smoker. Lots of capacity.....Welcome to our group..........welcome1.gif

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