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My new toy

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The start of the frame, size will be 74h x34w x 28





Starting to weld the inside part of the frame its just flat bar welded on edge


center brace and corners on inside of smokehouse


this should show what i am up to basically trying to make a inside and outside frame





its not going to be lite about 300 to 325 lbs. when done so i better have some wheels




Ok sorry can't get a space between pics so i will give info here.


Next pic shows the start of the aluminum interior its .060


Next pic shows the start of the sides going in and the use of stainless screws to secure. where the seam is is where the smoke and heat sections come together


Next pic inside sheet metal is done


Next pic: The insulation installed it is 2 in. thick mineral wool which has a 1200 degree working temp.


Next pic: This shows where the 2 doors will come together, it also shows the housing for the heating element (5000 watt) and blower motor. Which i got from The Sausage Maker


Next pic: The outside sheeting complete again stainless screws. The sheeting is .040


Next pic: The damper control installed it is 6 in. dia. That is all for now doors and controls next will post more pics then, again sorry about the screw up with pics.




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Looks super! When I first started reading this I thought maybe you had gotten a new welder (not). Looking forward to the finished product with some QVue of some finished products.
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It sure does look pretty!

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Nice. Great fab skills you got there.

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WOW....Great Start!

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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