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Some Steel, a welder, and My Wife.( Finished pic's ) - Page 3

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did you post it? pm me how much you want for it

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Great looking Smoker. The photo of the Dog licking his chops says it all.

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Ha Ha yeah she's my baby... I just finished pricing out what i need for materials, and will be underway with a build for a local lady.. this one here is for sale on craigslist..I really don't know if it will sell..the price in materials was way more than i 40+ hrs labor  i didnt think of things like, wire for the welder,wheels for the grinder, just general shop it would be nice to sell a couple and bank some money so i could buy in a higher volume for a better price.


My day Job, just went south yesterday..permanent layoff  my position was now i have more time to work on this stuff..



I am real impressed how this thing works though, i am real happy with it..


thanks for all the kind words I  will hopefully be showing off some next project for myself will be a RF.



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Incredible. Well done. The handle is a very nice touch.
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its nice!!!
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Now THAT is a great looking smoker!  Good luck with it, OUTSTANDING.icon14.gif

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That looks amazing!

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Great looking smoker.

So after you build and sell a few, then you can build one out of stainless steel.

That would be really impressive.


Sorry to hear about the job layoff, maybe it is am omen of sorts.

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That turned out awesome - congrats 

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wow .......ill take one to lol

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That came out truly awesome! I'll bet all the guys in Shop Class that were Razzing her would be totally jealous to see her work and your new toy!...JJ

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That sure is a great fabrication job you and your wife accomplished.

Great job and can't wait to see it producing some BBQ.


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Thanks for the kind words... the thing works great, the others i build have their owners happy... so all is good..well, I'd like to be busier but that will come.



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WOW!!! I like this one.  Really like the add on pot warmer to the firebox.  Going to use that on my new build if you done mind?


Thanks for sharing,



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curious question, i figure I'd ask

looking at this build, what would you pay for this?  I've built a couple and havent made a dime.. so I just thought i'd see what a realistic price would be



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Your wife didn't lie. That's some top grade TIG work.

Oh, and a nice smoker, too.

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