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Crawfish-cream cheese-lipton onion mix

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1st time making ABT's but I thought I would give these a try. Going to mix it up tonight and let it sit in the frig over night. I have the King Kooker 36 pepper holder. These will be apps before 2 whole chickens and asparagus on the smoker.

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go with the dry lipton or leave it out?


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Kwats , recipe and Q-view icon_question.gif .Please.......

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8 oz cream cheese, 12 oz. crawfish tails. Haven"t seen a recipe for whole peppers. What do ya'll usually go with? I do have some 3 blend cheese I could add to it but I wanted to taste the crawfish. Then top them with bacon strips. I took the membrane out and ground it up and added it back to the mixture.100_0062.JPG

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just came off the smoker. the bacon was original cut.2 hrs might be alittle to long , but boy are they good and spicy. 100_0070.JPG

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Must have been a LOT of Smoke in there from the looks of your ABT rack......a little dark , but no doubt good. Ya can't ruin a Popper. Well , I know a guy that can police2.gif . My neighbor , I tend to leave when he fires up his junk . I feel I need to call 911 and see if everyone is OK. I call his cooks inceneration... LOL


Have fun and ......

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I now they are very dark but the bacon was not crispy but they where very good. Not burnt but if I had not put the membranes in the mix they would have been very weak. With the membranes they are toasty, actually pretty damn hot. But very good at the same time, I like very much!!

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Crawfish...sounds good and they look pretty good too!

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   Crawfish. My 'to do' list gets longer everytime I log on here! I bet adding the membranes back did make it hot.




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