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Man those look good!  Gary I have been away alot with work and am sorry to hear of your loss.

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looks great gary!

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Great looking pizza Gary!   You have me trying to figure out how to sneak one of those ovens into the back yard.  


Sorry for your loss.


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Looks like it was worth it Gary !!!!!  That is fantastic....I guess you could cook just about anything in it...I really like that..drool.gif

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Gary, Congrats on the pizza oven and becoming a pizzaiolo. The oven is fantastic, and will get even better with continued use. Our thoughts and prayers are with your father, and the family he loved so much.
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Sorry for your loss.


Nice looking toy, Good lookin pies. They don't deliver that!

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WOW! I really enjoyed watching the build, I've always dreamed of building one myself. Yours was obviously done right! Everything looks awesome coming out of it. Great work and great food!

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Sorry for your loss,went through it for about 10 months with my Dad who found peace in January 2010. He helped me build my oven.

I see the pizza places in my suburb 5 at last count,use an iron rack/stand thing on one side of oven,they build fire over it so some logs are off the floor. I cant get a straight answer in English or Italian as to what effect it has on the food but I  think they are getting a better start up & more consistent fire with less ash. They may also be getting the dome hotter for better result on top of pizza.

They all burn same hardwoods, ironbark,redgum or similiar.They are all southerners but from different regions & therefore parochial  about food but they all use the rack deal.

You dont look like you need any help on the cooking part but you had the good sense to have decent size door so you could retro fit it if appealed. Mick

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My deepest sympathies to you and your family. I've been going through something similar with my father for several years now. 


Anyway, great job on the oven and the food keeps getting better and better! Enjoy!

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Gary - Fantastid job! That is a great looking pizza oven and I know you will put it to great us! biggrin.gif


Sorry to hear about your dad passing, I hope you and the family are doing well.



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You Da Man ...Nice !


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Looks great...I like the way it turned out.......

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I love it Gary. That oven looks like a lot of fun...More pics with future cooks please....My prayers for  your family for strength. Hard losing your Dad.....

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Gary, first my prayers are with you and your family.  2nd, I am so envious. I know those have to be the best tasting pizzas in your area.  Can't wait to see all the other delicacies you will be cooking in there.

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Thanks guys for the well wishes - I am hoping to get to use it in the next couple of weeks after I finalize my dads stuff 

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Gary very nice .I live alone and I am 75 years old I make my bread since about over 30 years and never the same bread  every week. I don't have an outside oven that s my wish but no man to do it lol. I cook lot I only buy the base to cook I think an outside oven could be very interesting  to have . I will check  for a way how to do a small one for  1 or mat be 2 persons meal. That s make long time that I think about it so may be it s time to do. Thank you





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Looking for a good crust recipe or a place to buy crusts.  I have a kamado grill and want to do a pizza.  Any help would be appreciated.  Your oven looks awesome.

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