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Hello all, I spent time on this site before but when the old computer crashed it took a while to line myself back up with many of the old sites I used to visit. First name is Joe, I'm retired, and been into this sausage making and meat smoking thing for quite some time. I have a decent collection of gas and charcoal grills and all kinds of sausage making and meat prepping toys but my flagship is my modified GOSM smoker. I added 18 inch legs because old retired folks shouldn't have to crouch down and suck in smoke. Then I added 2 feet of stack to the top because old retired folks shouldn't have to get smoke in their eyes either. Then I cut a smaller access door into the regular front door at burner level. This way when I add wood chips or water I don't have open the whole front door and drop the internal temperature 100 degrees or more. I'm surprised GOSM themselves didn't think of that! If whoever borrowed my digital cam ever returns it I'll take some pics. Also, it is not my intent to plug a business here but if anybody has dealt with the Sausage Source I happen to live 2 miles away from Rick's shop. So I have wonderful wealth of knowledge on the subject that brings us all here minutes just several minutes away! Life is good!  I live in cold and snowey, (except this year) but always scenic New Hampshire.

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That last line should read: So I have a wonderful wealth of knowledge on the subject that brings us all here just minutes away. Old retired people shouldn't have to think to much either!!!drool.gif

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Hi Joe .. I am not far away in Mass ..  Have been looking for a good shop and trying to get more knowledge in the whole sausage side of things .. seems I am always waiting on that last one thing I forgot to order .. Is the Sausage Source open to public ?

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Looks like there are a few of us from the Northeast, Where is Ricks shop that you talk about?

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I googled it laugh1.gif Its in Hillsboro NH :o about an hour away from me


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Welcome back Joe...........439.gif

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Welcome back Joe and glad to hear you also have a wealth of knowledge to share with us!!!

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Welcome Back Joe

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His shop is in Hillsboro, NH  check it out on line. He also runs a seasonal vending cart on the property selling his own sausages subs among other things plus he just opened a little deli in the same building as his shop selling his own sausages, corned beef, pastrami etc. etc. etc. If he has the time he'll let you pick his brain all day about sausage making and meat smoking.

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Hey Joe - Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing some of your qview


Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location


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profile, inc. location has been updated

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welcome1.gif Back to SMF . You have come back to the right place for smoking info. This site is loaded with great info just use the search bar at top of page to find what you are looking for. If you can't locate the answer just ask folks here are willing to share there knowledge, But I'll bet you already knew that. again Welcome back

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welcome1.gif back to SMF
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