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I just posted and realized how rude I was not to introduce myself. Howdy fellow Drum Smokers. I built mine A few weeks ago and am quite pleased with the results. I have done A Butt, some CSR's' Chicken and Burgers with it and the family seems to love it all. Doing A Turkey for Easter Sunday, and that is my first big bird in the smoker. I just hope it will fit since I have A flat top on it and 7" of clearance. Might have to spatchcock or move it down to the lower grill. I am afraid the lower grill might be A little bit close to the fire though so I was thinking about propping up the upper grate on bricks to gain A few inches of clearance so the bird will fit in there. Well anyway happy smoking. I had A propane converted ECB for A few years before I was enlightened. It actually worked pretty good for poppers and such but the Drum just kicks ass.

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Welcome to the group Timberjet! Sorry I didn't get online yesterday. Sounds like you are really enjoying your UDS. I think the brick thing is a good idea, you will need more clearance. If you get time post a photo in the group of your UDS, maybe a little food! I hope your having a great time on SMF. It's a great place place to learn, share and make new friends! Jeff


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