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First Butt on repurpsed Smoker

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I started a 6 lb. butt in my just finished smoker made from a food warmer.  I used a brinkman heating element with PID controls.  I rubbed the butt down with mustard and then coated well with my rub, covered it and into the fridge for a little nap to let the rub do its job.  After its nap I injected about a cup of apple juice and fired up the smoker.  Sorry I didn't get any pics at that point as time was getting short and I wanted to get it on before we had to leave. 



                                                            Here it is just put on:





Temp is set at 200 and water pan is filled with apple juice and water 50:50.  We had to leave for a while at this point to have supper with our son and his new girlfriend, needless to say my mind was back home wondering what has gone wrong.  When we got home, I discovered that the smoke generator that I built, had gone out, even though it had worked great on the seasoning run the day before.  Figured out that I had packed the chips much tighter this time, loosened them up and re lit it.  It has worked fine since.  I know that no smoke for the first 4 hours is going to effect the taste and smoke ring some but I hope it will come out alright.


Fifteen hours into the smoke at this point and it is at 165 it.  It hit the dreaded stall at 156 and stayed there for almost 4 hours.  I have sprayed it with apple juice every couple of hours, between naps and just refilled the water pan as it was about dry.  I am going for 205 it and then rapping in foil for a rest before I pull it.


I will post up some q-view if it ever gets done.



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update:  19 hrs and still only 176 it.  just bumped the smoker to 215, and still spraying with apple juice every hour or so.



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update 2:  21 hours and 180* it.  Gave up and foiled, stoped smoke and raised the temp of smoker to 250 til it gets done.



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yea, thats a pretty low chamber temp.  I normally run butts at 240 or so and still get frustrated at 14 hours or so.

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I run my smoker between 225-250 and get about 12hours on a butt
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I do mine at 235* and they still take around 18hrs...depends on the Butt...

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OK, so it is done 205 it, and it only took 22 hours.  It was worth the wait though.






  The blade just fell out after it rested 1 hour all nice and cozy raped up in foil.



sorry for the bad pic the flash wouldn't work and my hands were too big a mess to try to fix it.


Here it is after shredding








The flavor is out of this world, juicy, and just the right amount of sweet from the apple juice and heat from the rub.  Next time I will start out at around 250* in the smoker, hopefully it wont take quite so long.  After a nice sandwich as a reward for a job well done, I am down for a nap.  I think this was worst than waiting for your first child to be born.



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The home boss wife.gif doesn't like pork normally, but she LOVES pulled pork.  Looks like a beautiful job!

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looks like it turned out great!


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Great job Bud icon14.gif


That bark is awesome  jaw-dropping.gif

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It looks like it turned out good for you.icon14.gif 22 hrs. I'm not that patent. Beating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif

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Looks great - I bet that was tasty 

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nice work!

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PP looks great !
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Thanks for the comments.  It was the first time smoking on anything other than charcoal and wood.  Since I didn't"t have to babysit the smoker, I wanted to do this one LOW AND SLOW.  I have decided there is such a thing as too low, while this came out great, I will use higher temps in the future.  I am planing to step up to 230-250 range hoping this will cut the time by a little less than half.



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Looks great! Last one I did weighed 11 lbs and took 26-28 hrs!

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  Looks great, Bud.  How about some detail about your smoker and smoke generator?





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Stovebolt, here is the link to my build listed under other builds


if you have any questions fee free to ask



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