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Food Warmer to Smoker now finnished

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     Well, thanks to this great site, I decided that it was time to get my feet wet and build a smoker.  I scored a small food warmer that looked like it would make a great smoker.  It is stainless inside and out, insulated with fiber glass, with the heating element burnt out.  The outside dimensions are 22” deep x 17” wide x 33” tall with the inside 21” x 14” x 26”.  I planed on taking the heater out and dropping the bottom down 6” and installing a new brinkman replacement element of 1500 watts.  The area where the upper door hinge mounts to the body had a dent that was throwing the door off by almost     ½ “, I knew that would have to be repaired.  I drilled out the spot welds that held on the top and was able to get it beat back out, will pop rivet the top back on with ss rivets as soon as they arrive.











     For the smoke, decided to make an external smoke generator.  I found some 3” thick wall steel pipe in the junk.  I made it 18” tall with a removable lid to add chips and removable bottom to light the unit up.  I hope this will burn for at least 10 hours, as I plan on cold smoking bacon and sausage with this as well as hot smoking.  The output to the smoker is 1” black iron pipe, which I plan on plumbing into the air intake, which will be into the center of the new heater box and made with 2 ½ “ exhaust pipe.  Air flow will be supplied by an aquarium air pump into the removable bottom section of the generator.







     Still need to mount the new bottom, which is being made.  Mount the exhaust, which is 3”, in the top.  Install a stove rope gasket on the door.  And build a stand for the smoker to get it up to a comfortable height.


Let me know what you think, and any changes you think should be made.



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I can't get the pics to post from photobucket, am working on it will edit as soon as I get it to work.



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Help, when I insert the img code from photobucket, it inserts but won"t post the pic when I do a preview.  If I click on the link, it says the photo can't be found.  What am I doing wrong?   I have posted like this before with no problems.

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 If it helps, when I click on insert photo,browse, get the photo from my pictures, open it, then submit it......hope this helps. Gongrads on the build, I'm looking forward to seeing the picturespopcorn.gif....ShoneyBoy

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As I understand it, save the photos to your computer then in the toolbar for the reply is a icon that is the 8th from the right. Hover your mouse over that icon it should say insert image then select browse computer, click chose file, then select the file or files and click open, then submit.


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Thanks for the help got it fixed and looks like the pics are working now.



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I see the pics work, that was my first time with a pic as well. As for the smoker, that looks like it will do its job quite well.

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Looks-Great.gif I like the idealpopcorn.gifand love seeing the progress....SB

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Finally got the time and materials together and finished this project.  Heating element was lowered 8 in and shelving made from 1" angle and expanded metal, I have a shelf holder at the very top to do bacon and sausage.DSCF2337.JPG


The smoke generator is piped into the air intake in the bottom of the heating pan.






This shot shows the air pump and smoke generator from the front




On the seasoning run the generator put out TBS for 7 hr on 3/4 load of chips.  Doing the first smoke at this time, had a little trouble keeping the generator smoking for more than an hour or so at a time, finally figured out that I packed the chips tighter this time and loosened them up a bit and all working well at this point.  I am 14 hours into a 6 lb. pork butt and at the dreaded stall, been at 160 it for 2 hours but at least the smoke is still flowing well and only put in about another 1/2 load of chips.


It has been a great project and thanks to the site, I have ended up with a great little smoker.  When I finished this first smoke I am going to put a shelf just below the door and paint everything, just HAD to get the first smoke out of the way first.  The electric heat is sure a lot easier to use than my old charcoal side box, only down side is I don't drink as much beer while tending the fire.  But the wife says I have used up my beer quota on the build, so all should even out.


Let me know if you have any questions.



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Try a mix of chips and chunks

Chips and chunks can contain moisture, and moisture can cause creosote.  Make sure your wood is dry.


What did you use for a heating element?


How about the intake and exhaust vents?





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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tjohnson,  wood is under 3 % by my meter.  Heat is a brinkman replacement element 1500 watts.  Have a 2 1/4 in. intake and 3 in exhaust.  Intake is about 1/2 open and exhaust is wide open.  Smoke generator  is lit with a torch and fed air with a fish tank pump, I can add wood by removing the top of generator.



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Looks like it came out nice - congrats

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Now I see your intake......

If you can keep the moisture down in your chips and chunks, you'll reduce your chance of ugly white smoke, and gooey creosote.


What did ya use to cut the stainless?....Plasma Cutter?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Tjohnson, I used a cutting wheel for a hand held grinder to cut the stainless, after you first get through it cuts pretty easy.  I used bi-metal hole saws to cut in the inlet and exhaust, just go very slowly and don't use much pressure.  Hope that answers your questions.



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I did notice some moisture build up in the generator when I added the 2nd load of chips, going to try and insulate the gen. and pipe to the intake.  It put out tbs but was starting to get a little less blue and more white at the end of the burn, didn't notice any creosote or any hint of it in the meat, but will try to prevent it in the future with the insulation.  If you have any better ideas let me know. I am new at building a smoker and just fixing problems as they show up.



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