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Land of the free? 


It appears you have more freedom in China than many people have in the US?


That firebox at the right is unlikely to get heat to the upright on the left?  How do you work with that?  Fire in the main offset unit?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Originally Posted by Venture View Post

Land of the free? 


It appears you have more freedom in China than many people have in the US?


That firebox at the right is unlikely to get heat to the upright on the left?  How do you work with that?  Fire in the main offset unit?


Good luck and good smoking.


I have to thank the US media for their portrayal of China.  They make sure not too many people come over.  Don't let the secret out!


Funny you should bring up that heat issue as one of the reasons I found this forum was trying to improve my skills with this set up.  Sometimes the chimney is as much as 30 degrees cooler than the main grill.  I have not yet tried fire in the main grill area yet, but it seems like the only way to get the chimney hot.  I think if I were going to smoke a bunch of brisket or pork butts, that would be the way to go. 


Question for the experts, should I put a water pan on the bottom rack of the chimney if I have a fire in the main grill and am smoking only in the chimney?


Here is a plan that I am going to try in the next couple weeks.  Smoking ribs in the main grill with fire in the fire box.  Smoking chickens in the chimney at the same time, but dropping a couple of lumps of charcoal down in the bottom of the chimney just to keep it as hot as the main grill area.  I will put a water pan on the bottom rack just to deflect any direct heat from the chickens and catch any drippings from the meat.  I will make sure to post some pictures of the set up for people to comment on, but anyone got any initial comments on this attempt?


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Sounds like a plan. Loved your picture high up. Good luck.
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I think it is a good idea to put some coals in the chimney bottom. It would be good if you could put a pizza stone about 8" above the coals in the chinmey. Maybe on a wire rack. You could drill 4-holes in the chimney put screws through and fasten with nuts. The screws protruding on the inside would hold the wire rack and pizza stone creating an indirect heat chimney...Kind of how they do it with the UDS......................Just a thought from here in Minnesota.........Let us know what you decide to do...grilling_smilie.gif.

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Pizza stone is a great idea.  Probably don't even need the wire rack if I use 2 inch bolts that protrude into the center of the chimney.  The stone could rest on the bolts.  That would basically give me an offset smoker and a vertical smoker in one unit.


Should I be setting a water pan on top of the stone?  I am still fuzzy on the purpose of the water pan.  Is it just to regulate temperature in the smoker?

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The only reason I recommended a wire rack first is because if you drop the pizza stone it will break. Kind of a little insurance policy in my mind. You could go with a water pan or not. That would help regulate the heat and add some moisture if you did. You could put it on the pizza stone. By the way, I use a pizza stone above the heat of my kamado kooker. You can also put a turkey rack on the stone and cook a turkey like a beer can chicken cooker. Just another idea for that pizza stone. I bought mine at Bed Bath and beyond here in Minnesota made by Oneida. It comes with a rack to put the stone on. Here is the link below...


I think you are on the right track on getting some good indirect heat in that chimney. It could also be used as a warming rack when you don't do a smoke in it....grilling_smilie.gif...RTBBQ2

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Oh, one more thing. I wrap my pizza ston with aluminum foil to keep it clean. Keeps grease from the food from dripping on it. You can wash them but shouldn't use soap. Water only or it will absorb the soap and smell while cooking. The stone is quiet porous so water and abrasive scrubber only on the stone. Here is the pic of the Kamado I put my stone in...The third pic show it below the drip pan. DSC01528.JPG

Check out the TBS below....


Have a great day....goodluck.gif


You can see the stone below the pan wrapped in aluminum foil...Check out the pork loin I had las t Saturday.

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Nice piece of meat.  Just read the reviews of the stone.  have you noticed the chemical small that people are complaining about?  Sounds like a good idea, next time I am in the states I am going to pick one up and give it a try.

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I have never had a smell on mine. I wrap it with foil, top and bottom and wash it in water once in awhile. You need to cook/season it for about an hour in the oven at 400°. That what I did and never had a problem....

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If you cant find a cheap pizza stone you can use a piece of granite (scrap) often found at counter top shops pretty cheap

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