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Can you double smoke BBB

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So I finally got to make my first BBB & in as much as I'm happy with my first time I know it could be better. One thing I thought would make it better is more smoke. I still have a few chunks left that were going to the slicer today & I thought, why not cold smoke some & see if I can get that smokey flavor I was looking for? Just wanted to get some advise first. I don't want to ruin some perfectly good meat or get my family sick?

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Terry, morning....   I have double smoked andouille...  It was the same day....  I would think as long as it is within 24 hours so the cure has not dissipated it would be OK.... On the andouille, I hot water rinsed then cold water to cool.... not enough smoke for me so I put it back in the smoker for another 4 hours and cooked it to 160 or so....

If you have had it in the refer or freezer for any length of time I would think it was not OK to smoke again unless it was to thoroughly cook it in the smoker using something close to the 40-140 rule.... Only because of the dissipation of nitrite....  Dave 

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Thanks Dave. That does make sense. I did take it to 150 the first time through. It has been in the fridge unsliced for a couple days. I think I'll leave well enough alone.

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I don't see why you couldn't cold smoke...

I am assuming you're gonna fry before you eat.


What temp did you originally smoke your BBB at?

How Long?

What type of wood?



Smoke flavor the first day is minimized, because you're around it all day.

On the 2nd day, smoke aroma and taste seem to be better for me.




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I cold smoke my Poor Man's Bacon and Cottage Ham (essentially the same thing as BBB) for about 8 hours a day for a couple days.
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My neighbor is Russian, and buys smoked at a Russian Market

These are so B-L-A-H, that i cold smoke them for 4 hours with Apple


Wife and kids love the results.




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Wow guys, so your saying that even though I have smoked it all the way to 150 ( still frying though ) & it's been in the fridge for a few days ( still in tack ) I can still cold smoke it? What about what Dave said about the dissapation of the nitrite's?

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Think of out as double smoking a ham. Pretty much the same thing.

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I have seen double smoked bacon before on the German Deli site I go to.

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I wonder how well the smoke will adhere to the meat after the outside is basically sealed?   Previous cold smoke, the hot smoke to 150 then a couple of days in the fridge I am curious how well the additional smoke will penetrate. 

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I think if you are sure there is no possibility of contamination, there should be no issue. I would cook it before eating or finish the second smoke with some heat as added protection. IT would not be critical since you didn't poke any holes in it...JJ

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What is the status of the debate about meat not absorbing smoke after a point?  Has it been decided?

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I don't know about the rest of them Al, but I'm am going to give it a try later today & i'll at least give you my two cents?

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Great,  why not save a before piece to compare to the after piece and let us know if you taste the difference



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OK Al I cold smoked it for 2 1/2 hours with some maple. It was defiantly a higher smokey smell. I let it mellow in the fridge overnight. There is a difference IMHO. The cold smoke really got into the chunck. I think it may need to mellow more. It seems kinda like cheese when you first take it out of the smoker.

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Interesting, I wonder if the smoke is basically on the outside of the meat but hasn't made it into the meat  I find anytime I do bacon it tastes much better after a couple of days sitting in the fridge.

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I'm thinking the same thing. I'm hoping to give it a couple days & see how it taste?

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If you can handle the flavor , double smoking is good....just leaves a smoke trail when passing gas th_HaHa7_ani.gif.

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There are some recipe in eastern europe that call for a smoking over a course of couple of days or even weeks - 12 hours smoke 12 hours rest in dark cool place. Note for prolonged smokes they wrap meat into cheese cloth.

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 Yep, you can do it over course of weeks, but it has to be a cold smoke (smoker temp <100F or <80F in Germany). If bacon is brought to 150F IT as Alblancher mentioned, the prolonged smoke is a waste of time - the smoke will not penetrate inside, sure, bacon will have darker color, but overall smokier taste will be hard to detect. Been there, done that.



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