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Well, I figured better late (very late in this case) than never. Smoked a couple slabs (cut in 1/2) of spares back on Superbowl Sunday with a homemade rub. Splash of worstershire before the rub went on and they relaxed in the fridge overnight. I had the butcher at Publix separate the tips for me. After 9 hours in the smoker with some hickory chips, the ones on the bottom were done. Mom came over to watch the game with me (I think it was more to devour the ribs) and before long the first two and some tips were history. The remaining ribs STILL weren't done at close to 10 hours so they were pulled, put in pan sealed with foil and finished in oven for 45 min. They all came out absolutely fall off the bone, lip smackin' perfect (ribs, not tips). Tips were a bit dry. All were brushed with some Jack Daniel's Grillin' Sauce during their last hour in the smoker. Thanks tons to Scooper for his insight!! Anyways, enjoy the Q-View.


Rubbed and ready for the smoker.

Rubbed and ready for the smoker


Close up of rub

Close up of rub

Rubbed Spares

Rubbed Rib Tips


After a few hours hanging out in the smoker

Spares in the smoker


NEVER trust the door thermometer on a Master Forge. Look how far off this one was!! I had them send a replacement and now it reads hotter than it actually is. Sure glad I listened to the folks on this forum and invested in a Maverick 732. It's DA BOMB!!

MF Door Thermometer

Maverick 732


And now for the money shots!!!

Finished Spares1

Finished Spares2

Finished Spares Close up


I was told the folks here like a lot of pics so there they are. Hope you enjoyed the Q-View. xrocker.gif