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Oils ??? for rubbing meat before smoking

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I have been smoking turkeys for awhile now...  the birds are pumped from the store.... I can tell by all the holes in the skin....  Bride likes to brine them before cooking.... Sooooo....

Everything was done the same as before... brine mix... time in refer..... dry exterior and this time rub with oil.... 

This time the bird was rubbed with peanut oil.... usually we smoke the bird dry with some sort of seasoning on the skin.... 

Anyway, the bird did not absorb any smoke to the meat... usually the smoke penetrates the skin and is visible in the meat an 1" or more during a 4 hour smoke....  this time nothing.... no smoke flavor in the meat except on the inside of the thigh where there was no skin.... 

I'm not planning on oiling birds again....  has anyone experienced this....

is no smoke penetration on oiled beef or pork the same....

Is it only the peanut oil that this happens with.....  

I was under the impression, smoke penetrated oils..... 

I'm beginning to think I was in error and have an opportunity to learn something AGAIN....

Help me and others learn something....  Dave

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It does make sense Dave. Oiling the skin puts a barrier between the skin and the smoke. I don't rub oil on poultry and not sure if I am going to rub oil on beef or pork any more after reading your post. Meat without skin in more porous but albeit it does hamper smoke penetration on non skinned subjects too. Kind of makes me think about it. I have used oil and that may have contributed to the low or even almost no smoke flavor I have had at times too....Hmmmmmmmmmmm? I will pay a little closer attention. I think a little chicken experiment is in order. One chicken with oil and one with just rub.

Thanks for the interesting topic to think about.............grilling_smilie.gif

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I'm no expert but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn before. 30.gif


I am guessing that the viscosity of the peanut oil is pretty heavy and prevented the smoke from penetrating your Turkey.

I commonly use Olive oil and Rice Bran oil when cooking fish and poultry. It helps to keep the meat from drying out and helps to keep the rub on what I’m cooking.

Just last weekend I cooked up a couple chickens and used Olive oil to hold the salt, pepper and garlic salt on the bird while it cooked over a Red Oak flame. The chicken was infused with the smoke from the Oak all the way thru.

I also have a Big Easy Propane Fryer and have coated the turkeys with Olive oil. They have all tasted great but didn't have any smoke in them.

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I use a GOOD grade Olive Oil and lightly oil the birds, I get good smoke flavor and no after taste of oil at all.

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