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received Feb. throwdown prize( Q-VIEW )

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I wasn't sure which prize I was going to get.  Would have been very happy with either one.  My mail man dropped off a box on my front steps today went out to get it and saw it was from Todd.  What a great prize!!  Two pounds each of hickory, cherry, maple, and oak, a torch tip, and the AMNPS.  Not only that, a personalized note from Todd congratulating me.  Todd you are truly the class act everyone on here says you are.  Thanks for being a sponsor and putting up such a great prize.  I cant wait you use my new toy.  I know I have a quality product by everyones reviews of it on here.  Thanks again to all the great members on here that voted for me.  I never thought I would win with all the talanted competition I was up against.  Had alot of fun doing this and cant wait for the next one.  THANKS AGAIN TODD AND EVERYONE AT SMF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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The prize is well deserved!

Now, get crackin' and smoke something!!!







No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Enjoy it and  well done  Todd

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You are going to love that smoker a lot.  

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Outstanding prize!! Now what you going to smoke? 

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Very cool!!!


When is the next throwdown?
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Congrats David !!!!! Your going to love the AMNPS !!!!!!!!


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The AMNPS is da bomb and so is Todd. Congrats :)

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