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sour smell from curing chamber

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This is my first attempt at with my curing chamber, I made 25 pounds of spanish chirizo and during the fermenting prosses there is a strong sour smell coming from my curing chamber temp was at 68 and humidity was 85% neither went one point off the set temp and humidity. is the sour smell normal or did something go wrong

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Just guessing, but could it be from the fermentation activity?

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it doesnt smell bad but being my first run im not too sure so i am hoping it is all good. also i am starting to see a little bit of white mold starting to grow wich is supposed to be good. just not sure about the smell

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Bit more info would help. What recipe, starter culture. 85% R/H sounds kinda high.

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Temp and humidity look great.
Did you use the T-SPX culture?
25 lbs. of chorizo fermented at 68 degrees and 85-90 percent humidity for 3 days can give off a sourish fermented smell.
That's not abnormal.
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Really need to make my own curing chamber and make some pepperoni!  LOTS of pepperoni!  One of the things on my to-do list that I haven't explored yet!

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There shouldnt be any mold on the chorizo unless you used mold 600 solution. F-RM-52 should be used in this application.



Here is what it should look like....Sorry dont mean to hijack your thread.







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if you think there is a problem, sent it to me and I will test it  yahoo.gif

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Me a problem?


I dont think so vern.........laugh1.gif

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