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Last ribs of 2011

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hopefully this turns out good it is a lot of pictures and Ive never done this before. Heads up it's going to be pretty long.



First several pics are making my rub I dont measure anything when I cook so I just added ingredients in piles as I went and took a pic of each one so you get an idea if this doesn't help let me know and next time I make it I will try to work out an actual recipe.


First pic is just all the ingredients, just a heads up now I forgot the pic of adding tumeric but I would say it was the same amount as the cayenne pepper. 

The List is:

Brown Sugar

Salt (Kosher, yes it makes a difference)

Black Pepper

Old Bay (yes the seafood seasoning trust me lol)


Dark Chili Powder

Ground Mustard



Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Cayenne Pepper



Ok here goes the sequence Ill put the ingredient before each pic.


Brown Sugar









Old Bay









Chili Powder



Cayenne Pepper (top left of bowl, kinda blends in)



Garlic Powder 



Onion Powder (12 o'clock, again kinda blends in)



And Cumin!



Dont forget the Tumeric, same amount as cayenne.


Ok thats my rub! hope it seems ok to you guys!


Next is my ribs from last year. I use St. Louis ribs I cut down to Spares and get to eat the little parts through the day! grilling_smilie.gif


Ill just post the series of prep and stop once I get to rubbing.




Ok I thought I had more than two of meat cutting.....anywho  lol 


I used some sauce I had from the Rib Crib (I had lived in OK the year before) they call Carolina Recipe but its basicly like a mustard sauce. So I thought it would be fun to try instead of the standard mustard. Actually I use molasses more often than not instead of the mustard, I love it. 



Here I apply sauce and Rub and coat nicely.







Usually I let these sit overnight like this.


Next lets look at my set up! I use the barrel Char-Grill to smoke, just build the fire to one side and do my best to maintain the fire and heat. This requires a lot of opening so my smoking usually takes a looong time. The grill on the left I discovered works VERY nicely to light my chimney instead of looking for paper to burn. (hee hee work smarter, not harder!) So heres those pics.






On go the Ribs! Got a digital Oven thermometer there to keep an eye on temp and minimise opening.



About half way through little pieces coming off to satisfy my appetite for now! haha



And heres the finished product hope this thread was enjoyable and not too long, if anyone has any tips please chime in!! :)



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smokering, morning and welcome to the SMF....   Nice lookin' ribs....   Spices look good....  Bark looks great....  Where's the taste test ???....  I don't see any teeth marks in them babies...  Dave

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Oh they were eatten very quickly lol. Though i was not happy with them they were kind of tough, as I said I have a hard time maintaining fire and temp since I have to keep opening it. I didnt want to ruin the bark by wrapping them and finishing in the oven so they werent done enough. This is the main problem I have and need help with since I dont have any money for buying or even building a side fire box I have a hard time. But when I do give in and finish in foil in the oven it comes out amazing! though a little sloppy. last brisket I did was great.


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After foiling and the ribs getting tender, some folks put them on the grill to crisp back up.... Under the broiler might work also....    33.gif..just thinking....  Dave

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Beautiful work!  Nothing wrong with ANY of that!  Outstanding.

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Matt... I have the same Char Griller... I made a charcoal basket (17'x5'x5' If I remember right) for mine and only have to add a few briquettes every hour or so... I use wood chunks instead of chips.. they last a little longer so that means less opening off the hood... When I do add to the basket it is REAL QUICK so as not to loose to much heat... works really well... I also use Maverick-73 thermos to keep an eye on temps... Another mod I did was to add the 3" dryer vent to my exhaust stack to bring it down to grate level... Also I line the whole inside (bottom) with heavy duty tin foil to help cut down on air leaks and make clean up easier... here's a couple of pics to help you see what I did... hope this helps....


Now I don't use this much charcoal... I just filled it up so the basket can be seen how it holds it...
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