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Carving Knife/Fork Selection

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I looked all all over the forum for for a thread on Different Knife/Forks being used for carving all these beautiful BBQ master pieces... And no luck... so I started this thread... I'm still building my UDS wont be done till next month... I got to put sum wheels on it then take it to get the outside powder coated... I I need a really good carving knife and good fork... I don't want to go crazy with this smoker and no have good tools... I was just curious, what Carving knife you guys use for your roast ext... any recommendations?

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Several different ones, but usually a 12" cimeter:


12" Cimeter Knife w/ Wood Handle, Each



12" scalloped-edge slicing knife:

12" Sani-Safe Scalloped Roast Slicer Knife, Each


6" straight or hollow ground boning knives:


6" Wide Blade Boning Knife w/White Poly Handle, Each6" Hollow Ground Boning Knife w/ White Handle, Each


Meat Fork:

10" Sani-Safe Pot Fork, Each


Former meatcutter for 30+ years, these are the tools I use.  You can buy much more expensive knives but for all practical meat cutting, either cooked or raw, these are what meatcutting professionals use.

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