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lol, I actually keep the meat submerged with a 2 liter soda bottle turned cold pack...

 icon_eek.gif...Didn't think about a BIG COLD PAK!!!...Guess that would be ok...If you ain't forgetful...hit.gif...JJ

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Thanks guys! I really didn't want to worry about remembering it in the cooler? I did find soem large turkey oven bags & was able to make enough room for a stockpot in the frige. It's been in there a few days. Do you think I need to move them around?

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Terry, morning....   massaging and rolling the bag wouldn't hurt...  Redistributing the seasonings and cure for a uniform product is a good idea...  I have heard it is not necessary.....  I do it... I keep my curing stuff in the beer fridge... beer o'clock... the meat gets a massage... lol



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It's unwise to brine in garbage bags, they're not food safe.

Visit your local restaurant equipment supply house. They have various heavy duty containers suitable for bring, while not cheap, they're a great investment that should last a lifetime. I picked up a couple nice food totes again last Friday.
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The larger sized Ziploc bags are in the storage section of your big box stores - same place you find plastic tote bins (usually). I buy 3 gallon, 5, gallon, and 20 gallon bags for everything from brining to storring dry rubbed meat overnight.

3 gallon bag is perfect for 1 BIG pork butt, two whole chickens, or two family packs of chicken parts.
5 gallon will fit a small turkey, two butts with brine, 3 or 4 chickens with brine, half racks of ribs.
20 gallon can fit up to 2 15-20 lb. turkeys with brine! Also good bags for long items like belly's or full racks of spare ribs.

A great way to use these for brining is to put your brine and the poultry into whatever size bag you need, then place into an ice chest that is roughly twice the size of your bag, and then fill the ice chest with ice. The brine does not get diluted from the melting ice, and you can set it in your garage overnight and still have it stay plenty cold for safety - I usually have at least half the ice left unmelted after 24 hrs. or so.
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