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Baby Back's/Pork Back Lion Rib's?

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Hiya All What is the major difference between these two rib cuts ?Looks like the bones are much thicker on the Back Lion ones? I'm assuming they also, would take longer to smoke then the BB's.


Thanks DanB

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Baby back ribs (a.k.a. back ribs, a.k.a. baby backs, a.k.a. loin back ribs, a.k.a. loin ribs, a.k.a. Canadian back ribs).  I think they're all the same.  I thought this would help explain it, but those more knowledgable should be able to put a finer point on it.




source: meathead's amazing ribs

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Hi All Smoked Baby Backs from a supermarket  last weekend, had good taste and texture..This week I smoked Hormel Back Lion Ribs, from Target, they weren't as good..More meat but alot of grease,even tasted greasy. Still ate then but wasn't to happy about them.

NO more Back Lion Ribs for me..It's a shame cause the Back Lions were much cheaper..

Last weekend I didn't taste the Rib rub..This weekend I over rubbed the ribs and put more rub on just before smoking..Still couldn't really taste the rub.Am I suppose to tatste the Rib Rub, or does the smoking take the taste away from the rub? I Hickory,only 1 and 1/2 chunks.



PS So there is got to be some sort of difference between the two?

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Since I didn't get many replies,the Baby Back's and the Back Loin MUST be the same ..Could have fooled me32.gif The Back Lion ones were more greasy then the Back Backs.


Thanks Dan

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Yep, they are the same. Difference must have been in the actual pig itself. Can be a huge difference depending on how the hog was raised and what it was fed.

Just use a different source to purchase from. Or better yet puchase from a farmer and have it slaughtered or purchase from a local butcher shop.

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