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Smoking Ribeye Steaks

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Ok Im gonna try and smoke some ribeye steaks here in a few hours using the applewood I just got. The recipe says to rub them in salt and pepper then marinate them in red wine for an hour. Smoke them for 40 minutes then sear them on the grill for 2 minutes on each side. Sounds easy enough, Anyone have any tips or recommendations?

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Not sure why you would soak them in red  wine?   I have smoked them before for an hour or so before grilling over a very hot wood fire and they where delicious.

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So you are recommending not to marinate them first? If so than cool I have something to drink!

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I like the taste of Ribeye,  it's just a personal preference like not using steak sauce.   I would smoke them then put a couple of pats of butter on them while grilling.  There again, just personal preference.

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Thank you much, Ill let ya know what I decide and how it turns out!

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Well all in all they turned out pretty good. I marinated 2 of them since i sent my wife out to get the red wine and left one un marinated. Couldnt really tell the difference between them, both had excellent flavor.

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lol my 4 year old daughter ate half of one of those ribeyes to herself! Thats quite impressive.

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Nothing like great food.   Congrats,  did you taste the extra smoke?

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