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Sausge Caculator

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I have made an Excel spreadsheet used to cut or increase the amount of sausage and still keep the same ratio of spices.  I have one for our favorite sage breakfast sausage, Hot Italian, Brats, and Andouille.  If you would like to try them and have Excel on your computer, send me an email.


I am not smart enoigh to post it to the site, so it would work for you.  It makes it very easy to make any amount and the taste stayes the same.  It is set up in grams and fl. oz., just input the amount of trimed meat, it figures the amount of fat and each spice needed down to the .1gm


If any one knowes how to post this so it will work, let me know and I will share with all.



duckybud @ casscomm.com

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Very nice offer Bud, I don't have excel myself but I'm sure others will be bombarding you with emails soon.
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If you want to include the spreadsheet in your post I believe you use the paper clip in the reply bar.  I'd be interested in seeing it.  I am sure we can adjust the amount of seasoning in the spreadsheet for our individual tastes.  As long as it isn't a protected worksheet.


Thanks for the offer, I'd be interested to see it if you can get it in a post so others that may come latter have access.

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I would be interested in that. Thanks for the offer. Sounds very useful.

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Thank you and I would be interested in having a look at it. Al is correct in saying you should be able to attach it to your post by clicking the paperclip icon and anyone with Excel should not have a problem using it as long as it is not password protected. Thanks again!




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I will try as suggested.  Here is the andouule



      B. Danenberger   6/16/2011 1st        
Put in lb. of lean meat, will convert to grams     0 Lb. 0 grams        
    Andouille Sausage Calculator        
          Metric     American    
Put in grams of lean meat and rest if figured for you                    
Meat         0 grams   0.0 lb.  
Fat  25%         0 grams   0.0 lb.  
Total Weight Of Sausage       0 grams   0.0 lb.  
Kosher Salt         0.0 grams   0.0 tbl  
Thyme         0.0 grams   0.0 tbl  
Pepper Flakes         0.0 grams   0.0 tbl  
Fresh chopped garlic       0.0 Tbl.   0.0 tbl  
Cayenne Pepper         0.0 grams   0.0 tbl  
Course Black pepper       0.0 grams   0.0 tbl  
Paprika         0.0 grams   0.0 tbl  
Ice Water         0.0 Fl.oz.   0.0 fl oz  
Cure 1         0.0 grams   0.0 tsp  




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When I click on the paperclip it says I don't have permission to crear an attachment..



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Copys have been sent to all that emailed.  Some of them are going to try to post it up to the site.



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Maybe you can't insert an attachment because you don't have enough posts yet. I think the threshold is 20. Why not try it again, it sounds like a very helpful tool.

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Not sure what is wrong but the file should be transfered.  find the file on your computer and link to it.  It should appear as something like     recipe.wks   in the message.  

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Thanks Bud!!

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Thanks i sent you an e mail if you want i will post it for you.

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Here is a good & easy to use sausage calc (spreadsheet) you can download from Sausage-mania folks.


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OK, who is going to be first to punch in some numbers and post it here? biggrin.gif


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Thank you Alelover and Sam3 for posting it.  It is set up with the recipe that we like the best.  Just put in the grams of lean meat, and it will tell you the amounts of all the other ingredients.



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I had a couple of emails asking for permission to use these.  Everyone, free to use them in any way they will help.  If you have any questions, post up or send an email I will help any way I can.



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For all of you out there that don't have the Excel software.  OpenOffice.org  offers free spreadsheet software that seems to work well with those spreadsheets of Duckybud's.

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