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pastrami 2nd round

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My family and friends enjoyed the pastrami recipe so much I did another round. I used the recipe from my previous pastrami post, a variation SmokinAl's recipe.  


Rubed and ready.



After about 6 hours at 200-220



Pink color from the cure #1







Ready for the distribution to friends and family.



Thanks for looking. 

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 Man it looks yummy  great pastrami.

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WOW....I'm drooling!!!!


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That looks awesome! What cut of beef is that?

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Looks excellent! Nice color too!

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S2K9K,  Eye of round.  I got the idea from a Triple D episode.  The guy used eye of round from an ELK.  The butcher I use has the cut of meat for a pretty good deal so I have used it twice now.  


My first attempt:



Thanks everyone for the compliments!

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Thanks Diesel, Elk pastrami now that sounds awesome! I did one last weekend from sirloin tip and it came out real good. I like larger slices for sandwiches and that eye of round looks like some real large slices, I might just have to try that. 

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