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Pastrami via SmokinAl's recipe

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I have been wanting to make this recipe for quite some time now and SmokinAl was the inspiration.  So, Thanks SmokinAl.


I was at my local grocery and they had eye of round on sale so I picked up a couple that were about 3 lbs a piece.  Here is where I would usually post a picture of the new meat but when I uploaded the picts from my phone I only had the final picts after smoking.  I guess you guys won't mind?  So, for the beginning stages like the prep work and the brine just refer to SmokinAl's recipe he has posted on Pastrami. 


Here is a shot of the meat after smoking for 6.5 hours.  I brought the IT to 155 deg. and ran the smoker between 180 and 200.  I have a RF 250 gallon by the way.  I start my fires with cheery and black walnut then once I am up to temp I switch to oak and hickory. 


I coated the beef with Dijon mustard and then rolled it in cracked black pepper, kosher salt, coriander seeds, and a pinch of rosemary.  (I put all of this into a coffee grinder and pulsed about 10 times.)




I had to cut the end off and give it a taste.  I would like to be better with the camera but the meat took over and all I could do was think about eating.



As you can see here I have a new toy.  It is the Chef's choice 609 and I love it.  I weighed out a little over 4lbs of meat.  Not really sure of the exact weight because I was eating the slices as fast as I could cut it.








Rye bread, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing and home canned dill pickles from last summers garden.  Very proud papa!




Thanks for checking it out.  This is a must do recipe if you guys haven't done it yet.  And thanks again SmokinAl!!!  You rock dude!


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It sure looks great Diesel! I really like the nice crust you have on the pastrami & the sammie looks delicious!


Great job! I'm sure you will be smoking many more of these in the future!

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That looks awesome!!! I really need to add this to my list right away.  What did those eyes cost you?

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Mouthwatering! Gotta go find something to eat now! Great job!

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SmokinAl,  Yes.. this will be a regular now.. and I think I will try it with turkey and chicken and venison.



I got the eye of round on sale for around 7$ for each.  Usually the food lion will mark down meat that has a sell by date that is almost out.  Perfect for this type of process.




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Got one brining right now count down 3 days down 7 more days to go........

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Great job Diesel and what a great new toy too 

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Nice job Diesel, that looks great, your making me hungry!


SmokinAl is the Man! He got me going on that post too. I just put a brisket in the brine for some pastrami myself!



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