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El Pollo Loco Now with Q-View

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Ok so my sons Cub Scout Troop is having their Blue and Gold banquet and I was asked to cook chicken for 120.  Just call me El Pollo Loco for taking this on but it is going to be fun.  This is what 12 whole birds and 60 pounds of drumsticks looks like I will have after shots this weekend.  



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Going to be lots of fun to follow 

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Ecto;, morning... take a few pics of the kids too....  along with pics of the new smoker in action....  popcorn.gif.....Dave

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I want to get a pic of all the kids in front of the rig in uniform I think I can make that happen.  

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Sounds like a lot of fun! Looking forward to the pics.

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Sounds like a great time. Good luck!

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Sounds like a good time to me.
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Just cut 120 pounds of chicken not going to brine until the morning.  I am thinking of cooking all of the drum sticks first then take them out and add the chickens that I quartered up after that.  My plan is set up at 11 start fire at 11:30 first batch on at 12:00 second batch on at 2:30 all food done hopefully by 5:30 I will be running the pit hot about 3:50 so those times should work.  Here is the meat waiting to be thrown on. 






I am stocked ready to cook even skipped going to the Houston Rodeo Cook-off as a spectator. 


Love my boys and I am having fun with this Cub Scout thing.



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Chicken brined I am moving the pit in 1.5 hours and get this show on the roll.  Be on the look out for updates tonight.

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fun day with the smoker.icon14.gif

I miss the fun days of Boy Scout and Baseball and Softball tournaments

will be checking back for the rest of the Q-views

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Looking good my friend. Looking forward to seeing the updates

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I'll grab a seat for this.    You're off to a great start.

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What a great way to spend a day! Kudos and good luck on the cook.

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looks like it will be a great time i will wait for the pix

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thats a whole lotta chicken,kudos on spending quality time with the kids, they grow up so fast.

will be looking forward to the results!

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Man this was the most work I have ever done but it was so worth it.  I had never cooked for more than 50 people before this was 150 I was nervous and on the clock all day long.  The fire would not cooperate with me it was a Murphy's Law day.  All the compliments on the food were more than enough.  I donated my time no profit on this cook what so ever and I would do it again in a heartbeat.


The fire started with some Royal Oak.




And some White Oak




We had the best seat in the house.




Blue Smoke a flowing




Got Chicken?






  That is the color I am looking for




Into the Ice Chest




Now I wish I had taken my MES wo keep the drumsticks warm I may have to attach it to the trailer.


They wanted breasts for the adults






The Service Line...




The best art of the night was my son getting his Tiger Stripes.



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Thats awesome EJ. You did a good thing and a great job.
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EJ, morning.... Looks like a good time was had by all.... congrats on the food and and being an A#1 guy....  Dave    

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Congrats on a job well done. That's a lot of chicken for sure. drool.gif

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