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How Many hrs to get salami to 152?

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I am trying to figure out whan to start the smoker to get it done around my work schedule or so I'm not up all night.  I just did a batch of kielbasa yesterday.  It took about 9hrs in my MES40 at 170 for 6hrs and 3hrs at 180.  I am using a  for smoke.  I have 10 lbs of salami made on Sunday and would like to get it smoked asap.  The tubes are anout 15" long and 2.5 to 3" in diameter.  How long doo you think it would take?  I was thinking of starting it tonight so it would be done when I get home from work tomorrow about 5.


Start smoker at 9

Hang in Sausage at 9:15 at 150 deg

Put AMNPS in at 10:30


Get up around 6:30

Check pelets and turn smoker up to 165 deg

Hope it is at 152 at 5 when I get home


That would be 20 hrs.  Think it sounds about right?  Just got this MES so not sure on the times.  I had used an upright popane smoker in the past.

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the last ones I did 7 of them about that size took about 12 hrs

they spent 8 hrs in my GOSM runnign about 145-150  and the last 4 hrs in my Alto Shaam oven @ 170*

pulled them out right t 152*  I have done allot of them and they always take about the same amount of time the first couple hours I never let the smoker get over 140*

I am not familiar with how a MES runs so your time could just dont want to smoke to hot and render the fat.

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For 10 lbs thats pretty close. The outside temps can play a factor on sausage and the diameter of the salami. Just keep an eye on it so it dont fat out. Some of my smokes have gone 13-18 hours on larger chubs.

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Temps will range from 22 tonight to 38 tomorrow.  Pretty warm....biggrin.gif Considering Kielbasas took 9 hrs in Beef rounds at a higher smoker temp I think the larger casings of the salami will srag up the smoke time.  We shall see!

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Well, it took 18.5hrs to get to 152.  I did 150 for 16 hrs and 160 for 2.5hrs.

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What do ou think of my drying rack?  Wife will love it when she gets home...wife.gif

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