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Leaping Frog Turkey #2 W / Q-View

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Got my #2 turkey in the brine and will smoke it in a few days

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 124.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 125.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 131.jpgLeaping Frog Turkey #2 132.jpg

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OK its been 60 hours in the brine, next the cutting board and "The Leaping Frog" cut(s)!!  Many THANKS to 'Hoser' Dave and his post on




I found some spices at Wally World --"Recipe Inspirations", it contains 4 different spices, but I only used the Garlic and Rosemary.  I mixed the spices with boiling water and Butter.  I made two different spice combinations for injection.


                #1   2 tsp  Minced Garlic  (in hind sight should have used Powdered Garlic,kept plugging the needle)

                       1 tsp Sage

                       4 Tbs  Butter

                       1 Tbs  Lemon Juice


                 #2  3 tsp  Crushed Rosemary

                       1 tsp  Thyme

                       4 Tbs  Butter

                       1 Tbs  Lemon Juice


Leaping Frog Turkey #2 135.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 137.jpgLeaping Frog Turkey #2 141.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 142.jpgLeaping Frog Turkey #2 144.jpgLeaping Frog Turkey #2 142.jpg

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On the left side I used the #2 injection:


Leaping Frog Turkey #2 145.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 147.jpg


Then I found some 'old rub laying around' so I thought I'd try it-----icon_wink.gif

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 149.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 148.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 152.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 153.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 154.jpg

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Very interesting presentation,  I'm lookng forward to some more Qview.  Thanks for posting



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I just got it.....Leaping Frog....nice presentation


Leaping Frog Turkey #2 135.jpg


You can't go wrong with Jeff's rub!



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Interesting way to do a turkey!!!

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I love the cut job...I have been doing my Thanksgiving Turkey that way for years...I can put the Legs in for an hour then add the Breast and Roast or Smoke until the Breast hits 165*...The Legs are always perfect, between 175-180*F and the whole bird comes out together...JJ

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Thanks for all the positive feedback, the one thing that I want to do is say, "THANK YOU to 'Hoser' Dave, who posted the 'Leaping Frog'


method on 8/2/09.   points.gif


You are right on with the temps, Chef Jimmy J !!!  AND NOW 'THE REST OF THE STORY'


Leaping Frog Turkey #2 183.jpg


Lots of smoke, I've got a friend who has a sawmill, so I can get LOTS of Mesquite chips and dust!


Leaping Frog Turkey #2 185.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 187.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 188.jpg


Leaping Frog Turkey #2 189.jpg


Out of the smoker and into a wrap.


Leaping Frog Turkey #2 191.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 192.jpg


Not too bad for a 17.5 lbs bird!!

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 194.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 195.jpg


Leaping Frog Turkey #2 196.jpg


The bird was very juicy, and the difference in flavoring was very noticeable, and GOOD!!!


Leaping Frog Turkey #2 198.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 199.jpg

Leaping Frog Turkey #2 200.jpg


Leaping Frog Turkey #2 182.jpg


Had a little HAM with the turkey,  icon_wink.gif  My 'almost' 8 year old Granddaughter.


Thanks for looking, hope I did it right.



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Looks great. I just pulled a turkey out of the smoker last night.
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Looks-Great.gif nice job

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Leaping Frog Turkey #2 135.jpg


It looks like alien!


Finished product looks great too!


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What a great looking meal you put together! Nice job!

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