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Nice score! Glad you got them and post some pics when you smoke, would love to do one of these sometime.



Someone probably ordered them by mistake. We used to buy Earl Campbell's Hot Links at Walmart (only place that carried them) and they were always selling out. Now they don't even carry them, just up and disappeared one day and I was told they won't be getting them anymore because they couldn't get them for the price they wanted and are now selling Hillshire Farms Cocktail Weenies-no comparison. 



Typical Wal Mart,, Get you hooked and buying something then they yank it away. They do that ALL the time at mine.


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I agree Terry...

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Companies are doing that alot latelyth_dunno-1[1].gif

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It worked........Went back to walmart today and they still had 7 of the 9 Tri-Tips left and they had them marked down to $4.19lb from $5.98lb..Needless to say I bought them all..We will see what happens now...



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OK Roller, How many Tri Tips do you have now?


LOL biggrin.gif

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They had tri tip here at Walmart in Longview TX a couple months ago.  I bought them all when they went on clearance.

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14   yahoo.gif

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Originally Posted by Roller View Post

14   yahoo.gif

there you go. You are set for a few weeks.
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When a guy knows what he likes its very apparent! Good job nabbing those up... If you keep buying them every time your store gets them no one will ever know what they are missing and you will have much less competition. The only down side will be the gout that you get from eating all that red meat... LOL! Great find! Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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Very nice score, Roller!  I check the WW, Sam's and Costco's here all the time but no luck.  Tri Tip just isn't in demand in these parts....


Shoot us some q-view when you smoke one of those bad dogs up!



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Nice score Roller, I'm lucky enough to have a supermarket a few blocks from me with a great meat meat dept. They have fresh tri tips every day of the week. One of the tastiest meats I ever smoked was a tri tip from there. I go there every day on my days off around 10 am when the butchers put their $3 and $6 off stickers on certain packages of beef and pork. Picked up a beautiful chuckie today, $3 off of course.

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Thanks guys..Looks like WW may steal carring them full time now. Everytime I go in there they seem to have plenty on hand...I just have to check back on the mark down days..Yesterday I was in there and found really good mark down on several packages of different cuts at real bargin prices. Looks like its time to stock up..Most of it was marked down by 50%..Cant pass that up..



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Another score on the Tri-Tips today.. I picked up 6 of them at 4.19lb...



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is 14 going to be enough I think ya need a few more. If ya keep buying them your WW will start stocking them.

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I have 18 now I smoked 2 of them yesterday and gave to a friend and his wife. Her Mom and Dad both have been in the hospital and they have been really busy going back and forth staying with them and not much time to cook...They are from Ca. and have not had a Tri-Tip in over 2 years since moving to Louisiana..


I hope they do start carrying them all of the time...but it is nice having a stach...

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