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Tray is made of cast iron found it brand new in garage made by charbroil I believe, came from lowes, it had a lid I didn't use.  I added maybe 2 cups of chips to start and never added again seemed to smoke fine the whole time at times it was hard to tell it was smoking chips burned kinda slow and steady. I used straight hickory usually mix with apple or cherry but didn't have on hand today.


I used all the original screws in the cross bars so the weight of the tray is well supported if it looks like that will be a problem I'll brace burner but doesnt seem to sag at all. I've been in and out all day smells very good to me not real strong neighbors are jealous. I added chips when cooker got to 220 then added meat bout 20 minutes after that or when it started smoking.


I feel like I woulda had to reload factory chips tray 5-6 times to get the same amount of smoke I got with this tray, time will tell I'll keep track and get it dialed in, I've done these many times with bigger tray and always added 3-4 times I think.


Meat tastes fantastic when I wrapped it I'll let you know what it tastes like after pulling it.


I just added some onions and potatoes and it is still smoking but very little, chips seemed to last way longer than needed I 'll adjust amount next time. I personally never intentionally smoke past the 3 hour mark doesn't seem to make sense.


Yea I shoulda wrapped everything but at 330 am I wasn't awake while getting everything going.



Box measures 4 3/4 x 7 3/4 x 1 inch deep I filled the tray about level with chips I soaked over night and this is whats left after about 7 hours.


Meat look ok??? smoker box.JPG

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Couple of questions...


The heating elements are below your new chip tray or above?


Did you us the chip loading tube to add chips?


The ash you have left looks just right.


Do us all a favor please...take good notes  


Measure amount of chips to start and each addition

Make smoke observations every 15 min 1st hour, every 20 min 2nd & 3rd hour.

Note when amount at start and each point, the color and smell.

Even take some videos if you have a digital camera that is capable.


That tray is only $12.47 on Amazon.

I will be checking it out at Lowes tomorrow.


WELL DONE Bubblejunkie....!!!!

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the tray sits right on top of burner, I can use loader I didnt this time I just loaded tray and put it in. I'll try to keep better notes,


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bubblejunkie, does your cast iron pan, sit directly on the elect. elements?

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That's a great idea, I have that same exact cast iron smoker box, I may have to look into this for when I don't want to mess with the amnps.

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yes sits right on top


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