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Don't forget the canned in spring water Tuna and chocolate bars..

As a special forces trained from birth operator... I'll suggest Canned Tuna IN SPRING WATER for 2 reasons 1 for hydration slurp the h20 the second protien...and it's good at room temp

Chocolate...Quick energy and endorphins...After a week in close quarters you will need some feel good food to keep from killing eachother

Br careful with the MRE heaters as stated above

Lastly I would not hesitate to dry up some soups in the dehydrator...I often gained weight on survival manuevers due to the dried goodies in my ruksak

I'd say I'd like to go with ya....But I don't like to be wetor the bottom of the food chain

Good luck and send us some pix

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Something I forgot,

With only 32 gallons of h2o, I'd watch my canned food salt intake...Read your labels and pre run (taste test) some/most of the foods you plan to take...You are better off to just change what your taking with you than throwing it overboard...

In afterthought ...I'm sure you have it already...anti diarrhea, and stiffener tablets...the change in diet is sure to mess up your guts

When I mentioned soups in the above post.. I dry my own and dry them to well below 30% by weight

I weigh the stuff before it goes in the dehydrator and again when it's done

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Don't forget puke buckets?


Shovels for makeshift latrines.


Paper towels and toilet paper.


A cellphone for a 911 call?


Good luck and good smoking.

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I guess a shovel would come in handy if no wind

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I think you better take more water. If you run into problems and if  it lasts longer than 15 day trip that you have planned. one gal a day might be a cutting it a tad close.

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If winds allow and we perform well we should be done in 11 to 12 days .....


BTW race instructions state that you have to cary a sat phone or Single side band and check in nightly.

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I think you better take more water. If you run into problems and if  it lasts longer than 15 day trip that you have planned. one gal a day might be a cutting it a tad close.


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I would dehydrate a bunch of fruit and vacuum seal it also smoked nuts vacuum sealed would be a great treat also. Sounds like one of life's true adventures...have a great time!!!

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I've traveled extensively with no fridge, for months at a time, on several month and two and one four month long road trip. The trick is to think of meals differently. 15 days is not too long, you should be fine. My advise:


Canned chicken can be amazing if you do it right. My second best dish of all time is as follows:


Steam a cup of rice (or boil, drain, cover and let stand). In a separate pan, olive oil, a diced onion, saute'd to taste. Add a minced serano pepper, salt, pepper, and a can of chicken.

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good to see you weigh in spec!

having some military experience and too much survival training to keep track of, here are some thoughts


for your purposes, you're not taking're taking fuel--keep it simple, high calorie, basics...

eg Ramen noodles, vienna sausages, too much water (of course)

MRE's are cool, but can take up a bit of room...and if you take these...take some Dulcolax...I'm just sayin'

spec...remember those old emergency ration bars?  Man, I love those things...that is always at the top of my 'jump bag' list

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Oh, yeah, and add black beans to that recipe I posted above. One can. Feeds two very well.


Some other ideas:


Take a cutting board and a decent knife, and buy root veggies. Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, etc... Onions are a must. Garlic too. Also, bring spice. Hot sauces, two or three types.

Butter is not needed. and you are better off not worrying about the melt. Olive oil.

Mayo packets, btw, make a great cooking oil.

Nuts make a big difference in a stir fry as well.



The best advise I can give for an extended trip is to eat foods similar to what you normally eat. Fifteen days of different food is not fun for anybody.

On my first trip we ate mostly 'camp food.' Lots of trail mix, cereal bars, etc...makes for really crabby people. Most 'travel' and 'camp' foods a pretty high in sugar content, and you DO NOT want the person you are in close contact with to be crabby and pissed off (which sugar does to many people). Lots of veggies is key. Root veggies keep the best, but take some more perishable ones to start you off.


Also, be aware that sea water is pretty cold in the pacific. You can use it to keep things cool. Just keep some kind of container that can seal, and keep your perishable meats in those vacum pack or ziplock bags, stash them in the container, and fill it with sea water. Change the water once it gets warm.


I'm sure there are other things I'm not thinking of now, but that is a few that may be of use to you.

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Oh, I almost forgot - add a little vinegar to the black beans, makes all the difference.

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